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Episode 498- 7 Tips To More Sales!

In this week's episode, I share 7 Tips to More Sales!  If you are looking for more closings, more contracts, and more deals, then this podcast will help! 

I share the following 7 tips and powerful advice learned from over 21 years in the field of sales.  

1.  Knowing Your Fundamentals

2. Developing Positive Motivation

3. Master Your Environment

4. Execute Your Plan

5.  Look for the Wins

6.  Practice Makes Improvement!

7. Honor What You Do.


Listen in with me as I share these fundamental truths of sales in a exciting, motivational way!

Have a Powerful Sales Day!


Episode 488- Things You Should Know Before Getting A License!

Thinking About Getting Your Real Estate License?

Have questions?  In this short podcast, I will share with you the things I think you should know after 23 years of practice! 
Wondering how agents work?  How to find a great broker? What kinds of questions to expect during your interview?  You have nothing to fear!  
This podcast will answer your beginning questions, getting you ready to make this big decision!

Agent Already?

Want to learn some tips and tricks to help you run an ethical wholesale investing business?  I recently did a webinar called "How to Wholesale Houses Ethically!"  Click here to watch it! 

Episode 465- Wholesaling While Licensed! The ULTIMATE Guide!

A Licensed Wholesaling Agent?

There simply aren't any resources out there for those of us agent/investors in the world.  The truth is, as an Investing Realtor®, you are going to have a hard time finding clarity as far as what you should do.

In today's podcast, we take a listener's question from Washington State about disclosure, being licensed, and taking a perfectly good business and screwing it up! 

Powerful Links! 

Washington State Department of Licensing Website regarding disclosure of company status.