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Episode 249 How to Delegate; Administrate and Staff your Business! TenMinuteSkill

Delegation, Administration, Staffing, all three of these represent the "Dark Horsemen of the Apocalypse" for many practitioners businesses.  In this Premium Episode, I cover how to adequately delegate, administrate, and staff your business.  I outline how to do the following:

  • The Three biggest things your assistant MUST do for you.
  • The Biggest Cost in Real Estate
  • The "Do's and Don'ts" of Who to hire.
  • How to Reduce Staff Turnover 
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Episode 236 Assistant Training Series. Nine Tips to Delegate Effectively!

In this Premium podcast, I cover the beginnings of assistant training.  When you are looking to hire an assistant or delegate items in your business, these are the nine things that are important to understand.    If you are building a team in 2014, then you definitely want to hear this training to ensure that you delegate to the right people, the right way, for the right reasons.  Nine tips to Delegate Effectively! 

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Episode 235 Assistant Training Series Understanding Personality Types Premium Podcast!

In this premium podcast, we have a very detailed discussion of the four personality types.  The Analytical, Expressive, Driver, (Type A), or Amiable.  There are specific examples of what each style does and reacts to certain forms of prospecting and presentation.  

Why is this important?  By understanding your prospects personality style, as well as your own, you can modify your presentations to meet their need.  In this specific podcast, I give you clear tips and tricks to identify the different types and how to sell to each of them!

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