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Episode 418- How to Get 10 Deals Guaranteed!

Ten Extra Deals... Increased Production...

There are few guarantees in life..  but one of them is that no matter if you contact your Center of Influence or not, they will be giving out deals this year.  

Statistically, you know this to be true.  Out of 100 people you know, 10 will either know someone who is going to buy or sell real estate, or will personally do it themselves.

That is not new. 

Four Power Words To Success!

In this episode, you will discover 4 powerful words to help you gain free deals from the people that you already know... without begging, or paying stupid $500 referral fees!

Tired of paying for referrals?  Want free ones?  Listen in to this powerful episode and tell me what you think!

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Episode 399- 6 Reasons To Develop Lifetime Customers!

It's An Old Game...

Its nothing new to real estate.  The old "you gotta be branded" game.  

In fact, ask any Realtor® who has had their license since 1984 and they will tell you that being "branded" has been a longtime "you gotta have it" thing that people have sold to us.

The sad truth is, ask any professional who has been successful for a long period of time, and they will tell you that it is their Centers of Influence that has made them powerful... not a "vanity number."

So Why Is It Taught?

Many times, the "snake oil salesman" of today teach yesterday's techniques with new labels.

The honest answer is, few people know How to deliberately build a Powerful Center of Influence. 

In this episode, I will give you Six Powerful Reasons why you MUST develop your Center of Influence to have lifetime customers.  The kind of customers who are relentless fans, those who tell others!

Kick Ass, Or Chew Bubblegum?

In less that 15 minutes, I will share with you 6 compelling reasons why a powerful center of influence will give you more money, more time, and more control over your business.  

What you choose to do with those three is up to you... but after this episode, you will know the why, and in the above mentioned podcast you will know how!

Your choice! Kick ass or Chew Bubblegum?

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Episode 346- 3 Easy Steps To Make Your Center Of Influence MORE Profitable!

While the "Center of Influence" may not be as sexy as some of the other topics you may hear, it is one of those "easy fixes" to an ailing business!

It is my belief that your Center of Influence is your "Bird Dog Army" and they can be worth thousands to you each and every month! By using these three tips, I believe you can make more money, in less time! Here is what you will learn!

  • Who are your "Center's of Influence" anyway, and why is that even important to a wholesaler?
  • The categories you put them in, and how to grow your "Book of Business"
  • The 10% Rule of Center of Influence.  Why not using this Rule to your advantage is ALREADY costing you money!
  • A "Rock Solid Script" for making that call to a Center of Influence you haven't talked to in awhile! (Hey, it happens!!)
  • How to GROW your Center Of Influence in Depth & Breadth!
  • A sample "Center Of Influence Grower Dialogue"
  • How to do 40 deals a year, without advertising!
When you take these steps, you begin to be proactive in your business by growing it and ensuring you grow it by 20% every year!

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