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Episode 464- Don’t Let These 4 Escrow Mistakes KILL Your Deal!

Escrow Mistakes!

Ugh!  We all hate them! The sad part is, they are largely solvable if given enough time! The problem is, due to Federal changes to the TILD, Dodd Frank, as well as HUD1, escrow for many new practitioners is a minefield of liability!

In this awesome podcast, we will dive deep into the four reasons why your deal will "die on the table" or be "D.O.A.".  Why?  Because here at The Red Pill Investor Podcast, I want to tell you the REAL "behind the scenes" story of what really happens in an escrow! 

Specific Ideas For a Specific Problem

In today's podcast, I will share with you four ideas to help you make sure you close as many deals as you possibly can.  Remember!  It's not about how many deals you can put under contract, it's how many can you close?!?!

Unbelievable Opportunity! 

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Episode 463-The Easiest Way To Eliminate Seller Complaints

Want To Give Better Customer Service?

Of the top six problems people have with real estate agents, being unresponsive is first on the list. Likewise with investors. This inability to simply "get back to the client" is unacceptable in a modern society!

Enter The "Weekly Call"

There is one way that I've discovered to give excellent customer service. It's called weekly communication! In this podcast, you will discover the three elements that weekly communication will bring to your business. 

How to identify problems early, have your customers be aware of progress, and "keep hope alive!"

Listen in to today's podcast with ACTUAL Followup Call and learn! Share with a friend if you like it! 

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Episode 385- How To Have a 20% Increase In Your Business!

Get More Transactions With Less

Have you got some powerful goals for 2015?  Are you concerned that the amount of deals you need to close in 2015 is going to take you further away from your family and life?  

Well, there isn't too much that I haven't heard in this business.  The good news is, you are not alone!  

The trick is being able to get more, out of less!

In this episode, you will learn the following!

In this episode, we cover three very specific ideas that you can use today to increase both your effectiveness and efficiency while closing, and prequalifying your prospects.

If you are an Investing Realtor® or Wholesaling Investor, you won't want to miss out on this episode where I clearly show you a powerful, convincing way to make even more transactions than you originally thought possible!

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