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Episode 317- The Five Biggest Expired Listing Blunders! TenMinuteSkill

In this timely episode of TenMinuteSkill, we talk about the 5 biggest blunders I've seen new people make when it comes to talking to Expired listings!  If you are a Realtor® who Invests, or a Wholesaler who wants to add free leads to your business then you will want to know about Expired Listings!  In this episode we will cover the following!

  • Why many people just don't know that their home expired.
  • Why assuming that the Seller knows what to do is the most ridiculous thing to believe.
  • How the Seller can still sell their home, get their dream, and you can help them! A mutual win win! 
  • Why instilling hope it the key to this business!

Episode 295 Three Reasons Why Expireds SHOULD’T Re-list! TenMinuteSkill

Episodes like this make me glad I have a pseudonym!  Agents don't be mad!  If you are looking for some AWESOME people to work with, and some really cool properties, then I have some awesome news!  On the 30th of the month, a ton of expired and cancelled listings are going to come on the market!  YAY!!

If you have always thought that the reason why a Seller puts their home back on the market (usually within three days) is because they want the most.  I believe that is absolutely incorrect. 

In ten minutes, I share a three step plan to illustrate and articulate why a Expired Listing should Sell to you instead of listing again!  What's more?  I give you dialogues on how to handle the following objections...

  1. We are going to re-list with our (or another) agent.
  2. We would still make more with a low offer listed than with your offer.
  3. We are interviewing agents to relist, so no, we don't need to meet an investor.

STOP Chickening out!  You can do this!  Listen to this episode, and in ten minutes I will persuade you on how you can!

In this episode, I mention that I use to provide my expired and FSBO listings. I've used them, and they have agreed to give our listeners half off their first month's service if you want to try them out! Simply Register with Landvoice, and then they will know you are a customer of ours for the discount!

As always, I thank you in advance!  If you know of just ONE person who you could pay this forward to, and share it with, would you please do me the honor?  Thanks!

Episode 273 Powerfuls Closes for Wholesaling! TenMinuteSkill

In this Action Packed episode, I cover the Three Power Closes!  These are the closes you use when you need to set that appointment or get the contract signed!  Inside you will learn the following:

  1. How No close works 100% of the time.  That's why you should know a few!
  2. How To handle "We Want More Money"
  3. How To handle "I don't want to meet anyone right now."
  4. How To create a "Drop By" appointment.
  5. Institute "Snapshot Drills"

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