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Episode 386- What You Need To Know To Go FSBO!!!

Going FSBO This Year?

Are you an Investor, Homeowner, or Landlord looking to sell your property by owner sometime this year?  Then you definitely will want to hear this action packed podcast!  In this episode, I will share with you some ideas that will help you sell your home without an agent!

Why Am I Telling You This?

It was brought to my attention by the members of our Red Pill Investor Group (Public Version) that they may have a house or two of their own to sell!  

While my counsel is to ALWAYS use a competent listing agent to make the most (despite the commission) I understand that's not always possible!

For those moments, this podcast will serve as a way to help "bridge the gap" in your education!

Here is what we cover!
  1. Pricing Your Home
  2. Some of the most common forms of Financing your Buyer may use.
  3. The real purpose of appraisals
  4. Closing Your FSBO
  5. How to Handle Pre-possession and repair items! 
While this podcast is not an all inclusive discussion about how to sell your home by owner, it will serve as a useful starting point to help keep you pointed in the right direction! 

Of course, as with anything, if you have additional questions, feel free to email me for help, or comment below! 

Thanks again for joining us at The Red Pill Investor Sales System! 

Episode 363- How to Sell a FSBO Fast!

One of the most popular topics amongst homeowners, as well as Realtors® and Investors alike is the topic of selling By Owner.  Obviously, they all have their reasons, but that does not diminish the need for answers!

In this episode, brought to us by YOUR questions on The Red Pill Investor Investor Facebook Group (Public Version)  we tackle the tough question of "How do you sell a FSBO Fast?" or perhaps more importantly, "How do you sell ANY home fast?"

***IF you are a homeowner looking for even MORE information about how to sell your home easily, then click here to find out how to get an offer for your home and sell within 5 days! ***

Here is what you will learn in this episode!
  1. A "Blueprint of Success" to Sell your FSBO home FAST!
  2. A Ten Step Plan to implement TODAY to sell your home without a Realtor®
  3. A revolutionary way to find targeted buyers for your home.  Of course, it costs NOTHING. 
All you have to do?  Listen in, and if you feel like you learned ANYTHING then Please Share! If you do, then I promise to like you forever!


Episode 350- Live For Sale By Owner Appointment Setting and Prequalification!

In this extra special episode, I contact a local For Sale By Owner (FSBO) who has to sell now! Proving once again that if you prospect, you will get leads!

Listen in as I talk with this Homeowner who is simply trying to sell her home.  Learn how to use the scripts in a meaningful, yet not canned way. 

So, grab a pen, grab your Script Book, and follow along with me as we set an appointment, then prequalify....

Red Pill Investor Style! 

Don't have any scripts??  Oh no!!  Download yours HERE
For obvious reasons... this is the first, last and only live recording I will put in the public.  All the rest will go along with this one in "The Vault!"