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Episode 480- Flipping Houses Like Burgers! With Nasar El Arabi!

Flipping Houses Like Burgers!  

That's how easy today's guest makes it seem like!  After grueling it out, and making it work in his town of Charlotte NC, Nasar has taken the time to share his knowledge with those who needed it.  Always exemplifying the "Pay it Forward!" attitude!  

In today's podcast, you will hear Nasar, author of "Flipping Houses Like Burgers!"  share his 7 Step Plan of Real Estate Success, plus hidden gems that you have never heard before!

If you have ever wondered if you had what it took to make it in the Real Estate game, then you have GOT to listen to this! This is pure inspiration! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Episode 472- Listed for 149k Sold for 65k!

Mad Skills...

That's the ONLY way you can describe today's Interview with Dennis Jenkins!  A man who has got some MAD Skills! 
In today's podcast, you will hear me interview my Executive One on One Client and friend Dennis Jenkins who always has the BEST Real estate stories to tell.  Today's stories are NO exception! 

Ripped From The Headlines! 

Dennis shares with us the real life troubles, and tribulations of a modern day wholesaler, and how he has managed to turn his business into a predictable, duplicatable wholesaling business! 

Trust me, it's not all glory, money, and excitement!  Dennis shares with you the real world cost of what it takes to be successful, as well as a powerful leader in his community.

Expired Strategy!

Being that this is the end of the month, you will NOT want to miss out on this secret Expired Strategy that Dennis uses to find Expired listings in his market!  Trust me, even I was shocked! 
You won't want to miss this powerful interview with Dennis Jenkins, grab a pencil, a piece of paper, and listen in!

Episode 444- Karen Bernardi… A Class Act!

A Class Act!

A "Class Act" is defined as "a person or thing displaying impressive and stylish excellence."  If that is true, then my guest today is clearly a person who fits that description!

Karen Bernardi is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met.  I know that in her life, I am just one of the hundreds, if not thousands of people she has positively affected... however.. the fundamental difference?  I wanted you to meet her! 

In today's podcast, I will share a fifteen minute (She's a very busy lady!) interview that I had with her regarding her struggles, her beliefs, as well as her triumphs both personally, as well as professionally.

Once Again... I'm Shocked...

Karen shares deeply personal stories that I never imagined.  The struggles she has overcome to become one of America's TOP Realtors® are inspirational to me, as well as others.  However this time, she shares how she has overcome recent obstacles, and still served her customers and clients with the utmost care...

Like a Pro.   Like a Class Act Would.

Now before you get it mixed up, she will tell you it's not been an easy road.  One of the most "notable quotables" that I heard in this interview was this...

"It's not a marathon... it's an endurance race."

When you think about it... what sort of results are you expecting in your business?  And when?  

She has done up to 500 deals a year.. and in her 30 years of business... she will reveal the secret of her longevity.. and her success.. when others have failed.

If you have any referrals for Karen Bernardi and the Bernardi Real Estate Team... then please Pay It Forward and send Karen your love!  She will take great care of your customers! 

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Have a Powerful Sales Day!