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Episode 481- What To Do When The Seller Has A Higher Offer!

Competition... Don't You Just Love It?

Sometimes, just when you think you've got something sown up, a "raven" comes along to snatch up the seeds you've planted! In this episode, I will give you three powerful ways to eliminate competition, and get the deal (if possible!) 
In just 10 short minutes, you will hear a portion of an ACTUAL CALL that I received not long ago, and if you've been following me on Twitter @karlkrealtor then you've seen the LIVE Periscoped Presentations that I've been doing... then you will hear...

What Happens When It Goes Sideways...

It's important to have a plan.  In this three point podcast, you will get real world information, as well as practical tips to help you win in this all important moment!  After all, if it were easy, EVERYBODY would do it, and there would be NO money in it! 

Episode 445- How To Convert More Leads!

Lead Followup and Conversion! 

If there is anything that I love more than prospecting, it's lead followup and conversion!  Why? Because it's where we get paid!  The trick is, learning how to convert the leads you get! 

In today's podcast, we examine three ideas to help you convert more leads... quickly! 

More information about The Prospecting Academy! 

Payment options now available for The Prospecting Academy!

Episode 397- How to Stop Your Competition!

It's A Showdown! 

Without a doubt, as the market improves you are going to find yourself in more and more situations where you will be in competition.  

One of the advantages of being a Premium Podcast Plus member is your ability to listen in to an actual conversation between myself and a highly motivated Seller! 

In this episode, listen in as she tells me about a competing "We Buy Houses" Franchisee that is attempting to get their property under contract.

Spoiler Alert... I Spoil His Party.

 Let's just be honest... the latest fad in Real Estate Investing is this idea that you must be "branded" or have a "big name" or "can close in 7 days" to have the "unfair advantage."

As you can clearly see in this podcast, if you can't sell, you can't close.  

  • If you can't close, you can't get paid.
  • If you can't get in the door, you can't get a contract.
  • Therefore, you gotta get in the door! 

What Do You Say?

What do you say when the Seller is considering your competitor? How do you stop them from taking that contract away from you?

What happens if the competitor is your friend?   
In this podcast, you will learn exactly what to do when you are having to try to "play catch up." 

Also, an alternative title to this podcast I was thinking of was "How To Use Your License As A Club..."  You tell me! 

Honestly, this isn't my best live call... I spoke too much, and asked too few questions.  You tell me, what do you think?

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