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Episode 491- Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation!

Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation!

The year 2016 is bringing exciting changes to our industry, and the question is, will you be prepared?

Thousands of people across the country are getting into the real estate game!  The leads that served you last year are now gone, and you need to find even more! 

In this brand new episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, I will share with you a powerful idea about content marketing, why it's important, and a free PDF to help you along!

Download your free Content Checklist Here!

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Episode 486- What To Do With Jerks!

It Goes Without Saying... Life Is Too Short..

However, if it was that easy, WHY do we always seem to find those sorts in this business?  You certainly could adopt the "throw em away" and "Forget em" policy.  There certainly isn't anything wrong with it.  However, I believe there are three ideas that you can get from this BEFORE you do! 

In today's podcast, I share with you some concrete plans on what you can do to deal with this special personality type! 

Episode 457- How I Find Motivated Buyers And Sellers.. A Sneak Peek!

How Do You Find Motivated Sellers?

I get that question all the time.  As a podcaster, Investor, Realtor®, Broker and Coach, I've got limited time. In order to keep my "pipeline" full all the time without spending an arm and a leg to do it is the $64,000 question!

Finding Motivated Sellers And Buyers Automatically!

It's no secret.  As an affiliate and fan of Investor Carrot, I have taken their already powerful platform and AMPED it up a bit! With my Expired Pages, my FSBO pages, and Ready to Buy "Handyman Special" pages, I've obtained awesome results! 
But that's not all... I talk about MLS deals, content marketing, working with agents, and my number one secret source of buyers!


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