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Episode 490- 7 Reasons To Start Investing In Real Estate!

Seminar Junkie?

You know the type... the kind that go to seminar after seminar yet never seem to "get started" in real estate?  This podcast is a great way to help motivate yourself when you are looking for the right "mindset" to keep you going! 
In just a few short minutes, I will share with you 7 ROCK Solid reasons why NOW is the hands down BEST Time to Invest in Real Estate! 

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If you need scripts for the process, from everything from FSBO's to Craigslist ads, agents, attorneys and everything in between, then you are in luck!
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Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Episode 489- Motivation for Real Estate Investing!


No joke, this business can be tough on you!  Especially if you are new!  In today's podcast, I share a collage of some of my favorite quotes from speeches in a music format that's perfect to start your day! 
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Episode 487- The Things That Motivate Us!

What Motivates You?

What "moves you to action?"  That's the focus of this special podcast!  In a real estate investing environment, it's important to know the proper "Motives to your Actions" to help ensure that you stay on the right path!
In this episode, I will share with you the three most common things that motivate most sales people, and what you can do to get all the recognition, security, and money you need!