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Episode 453- The Three Steps to Effective Confrontations!

Sometimes The Client Gets The Best of You!

When they do, it's important to know how to handle yourself!  In this episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, we go over the three steps you need to know to handle the situation!

No matter the situation, if you are with a Buyer, a Seller, or any other kind of customer relationship within a real estate transaction... you need to have an effective plan for Conflict Resolution! 

The I.C.E. Technique...

Investigation, Can you Help? and Effective Solutions!  These three keys to conflict resolution can save your deal. Trust me, if you are "winging it" or just hoping things will get better, you are gonna be waiting awhile!

Listen in as I share with you a simple, easy to remember technique for protecting yourself from a confrontational customer! 

Episode 410- How To Handle Real Estate Seller Objections!

How to Handle Objections...

In this Premium Podcast Plus! episode, you will discover all you need to know about how to handle objections in a real estate transaction! 

As you know, there are many types of objections.  Buyers have objections, Sellers have objections.. in this special episode, we cover how to handle any Seller objection with ease!

Inside, you will learn the three most common root causes of objections (and how to treat them!) and a simple, easy to remember 4 step plan to handle any objection!

Real Dialogues You Can Use Today!

If you are a follower of mine, you know that I frequently share dialogues as well as techniques to handle the "real world" problems you face.  This episode is no different! 

In this episode, I give you a easy, workable plan to handle any objection, and then I show you how to use this powerful technique to handle the toughest objection.. Price!

Something for Everyone!

Beware!  If you are newer to me, you will have a quick "boot camp" in this episode to catch you up to certain ideas you need to know to be successful! 

If you have been a listener for awhile, then you will discover that it is a helpful refresher before we get into the second part.. handling the actual objections!

Premium Podcast Members Get Notes!

Don't forget!  As a Premium Podcast Plus! Member, I share with you notes whenever possible.  In this case, I have a brand new, special place for you on! 

In that space, I will share with you special show notes, and extra dialogues!  The access codes for the show notes will be found in the TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group! 

Thank you for your support of our show!  If you aren't a Premium Podcast Plus! Member, Why not?  For less than a dollar a day, you can have the education you need to win! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Episode 396- What Makes You Different?

A Common Question to Realtors®

In this episode, we will cover this question that commonly faces Realtors® who are listing property.  Although we don't usually talk about this objection on this podcast, it was brought to my attention by one of my Executive One on One clients.  

As a newer agent, he was faced with this question on a listing appointment.  Sound familiar?

Agents Who Invest Also List

While there are many ways to cover this objection, in this short dialogue, I share the 5 Things A Seller Should Want In An Agent.

I apologize to our wholesaler listeners!  This dialogue is simply for Realtors®.   You are more than welcome to listen in however!

The Five Things A Seller Oughta Want...

Make no mistake.  If you were a homeowner selling your personal home, you would want your agent to have these 5 things. The good news to the newer agent however, is that all five of these things that a Seller should want, you can provide! 

Don't Judge Me!

This podcast was ad libbed without notes!  I just got off the Coaching call, and was so excited that I knew someone would want to hear it too!

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Have a Powerful Sales Day!