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Episode 492- How To Create Content Marketing For Real Estate!

Content Marketing For Real Estate Investing!

In this Premium Podcast, I share with you a page direct from!  
In this 20 minute video training, I will share with you a super simple way to create a powerful, relevant content marketing piece for real estate lead generation.  
The purpose of this page is to educate as well as generate leads for my real estate business.  Using this technique along with your Investor Carrot site will help your page rank quickly, organically, and most of all effectively! 
Watch Now:

Episode 478- First Results From PPC Campaign! Actual Call!

Six Days To Get The First Call

Wow... Even I was impressed.  Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but it seems to me that if you start a pay per click campaign you should get a motivated seller lead.. but a motivated seller lead THAT Fast? Wow.
Listen in as the Seller describes in this ACTUAL Call in great detail their plans for the future, and how they intend to make their journey to Texas.  Listen in as I set the appointment, and ask the important questions that need to be asked! 

Am I The ONLY One?

Am I the ONLY one out there recording calls for you and making live presentations?  It sure seems like it!  

Episode 475- How Negotiate 90k Off Sales Price In 3 Minutes! Actual Call!

Do You Suck At Negotiations?

No more! In this edition of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, you will learn a simple way to make offers, and then have them work in your favor!  Listen in on an ACTUAL CALL by a MLS Listing Agent, as we negotiate what is the most likely outcome of his listing.

Behind the Scenes

If you are sick and tired of "never hearing about the best deals first" then there is a reason!  People are getting to them before you!  Listen in to this Premium Podcast and learn the questions you need to ask agents to "get to the bottom line" and make a deal happen!
Redacted due to privacy, learn the questions you need to ask to learn how to get nearly $90,000 off the asking price... in 3 minutes or less!
Have a Powerful Sales Day!