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Episode 460- The Fastest Way To Sell A Wholesale Deal!

You Have It Under Contract, Now What?

Chances are, now that you have your A-B contract signed, you are wondering what to do next!  In todays' podcast, I share with you four points that I will use to sell the property you saw me put under contract on Periscope! 

If you need to sell your wholesale deal quickly, you don't have a lot of time. You have precious little time and very few resources, so I am going to share with you the specifics of what I am going to do to sell this home... take a few notes and tell me what YOU think! 

First Ever Completely Recorded Wholesale Presentation! 

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Complimentary PDF "Entire A-B Contract Live from First Call to Signature!"


Episode 452- Actual Wholesale Presentation Over The Phone!

Ever Want To Sit In On A Wholesale Presentation?

Listen in as I share with you an actual call, my response, my dealings with the tenant, and the homeowner!  Listen in as I go over pricing, CAP Rates, and much more to present a great offer to a highly motivated Seller! 

As you can tell, I am using a lot of techniques throughout the presentation... 

You will hear the following techniques..

The "Poison the Waters" Technique
The "Monday Too Soon?" Technique
The " Market analysis" Technique
The "Safeway" Technique

and much more! 

Total time talking to the customer?  42:30.  Total Presentation time? 32 minutes.  I was closing by minute 20!  

Technique Count

16 Techniques
5 closes
1 Presentation
1 Condition

Ultimate Outcome?  Listen in and you tell me! 

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Episode 422- How To Present A Wholesale Offer!

How Do You Present A Low Offer?

You've all heard the expression... "If you aren't embarrassed, it isn't low enough!" However, that is of little value when you are facing a Seller and your guts are knotting up!

In this episode, I will share with you a powerful way to present your wholesale offer confidently, powerfully, as well as successfully! 

The "Abraham Lincoln Close"

In this powerful episode, I will share with you some of the techniques that I used to get a $225,000 FourPlex that was listed for only $115,000.  Want to know how I did it?  It was using this powerful close!

Learn this close... for free!

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