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Episode 263 How to Manage Property Without Losing Your Mind! TenMinuteSkill Premium

Do you find yourself wishing that you were able to have passive income just flowing to your mailbox month in and month out?  Like the thought that others are paying for your equity?  Then rental properties are the pathway to your success!   The problem is however, how do you handle having property that generates passive income without having to pull your hair out? In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Should you Manage Your Own Property?
  • How to Make your Leases Airtight
  • How to Get Your Tenant to Pay On Time, Every Time, with a Smile! 
  • How to Get a 15-18 Month Lease, (Stop having to repaint all the time!)
  • How to Avoid Going to Court to Kick Tenants Out! (Special "I Got New Tenants" Technique!)

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