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Episode 499… Ethical Investing for Realtors!

In this episode, I share with you the very real necessity of following the Realtor Code of Ethics while wholesaling, or investing in real estate in some way.  

Now I know, right off the bat some of you may not necessarily agree with me on this, but if you are a Realtor, and have a few minutes, then follow along with me and my line of reasoning!  If you will allow me the time, I will show you how you can take these 7 ideas and incorporate them into your business to help insulate you from ethics complaints, calls from your broker, and fines from your State!  

Thank you again for taking the time to listen to this video, and if you would like, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel SellMoreHomesNow for even MORE Agent specific sales skills! 

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Episode 310 How to Build an Empire Wholesaling Part 3! TenMinuteSkill

They say that "The best defense is a great offense!"   In order to build your Empire, you must learn how to identify, handle, and thrive despite the hardships your Empire faces!  Think about it!  All the Empires of the world were rarely taken over.  Rather, they were destroyed from within.  In this episode, I give you a idea as to what you could expect in Saturday's class in just ANOTHER module of that training.  If you haven't registered yet.. WHY NOT?! Check out what you will learn in today's episode!

  • What is the most pernicious, aggressive, and persistent enemy you will face?
  • What Establishment figures pose the highest risk, and how to handle it!
  • The 3 C's of Defense!
  • And of course, The Ultimate Real Estate Problem Solver!

Remember, this class is not going to be held again for some time as I am looking specifically for Realtors® and Wholesalers who are looking to raise the standard of what they produce.  If you are interested in that kind of life, then please join me this Saturday at Noon PST for "How To Build An Empire Wholesaling!" It is designed for Realtors® and those with a basic understanding of HOW Wholesaling works.  If you are still new to this process, it may not be an appropriate class for you to attend.

Episode 306 Is Wholesaling Still Legal? TenMinuteSkill Premium Podcast

In this premium episode, I cover what is undoubtedly one of the most controversial approaches that any Department of Real Estate (in this case Ohio) has ever taken to approach the problem of reckless wholesaling.  In this ten minute podcast, you will learn the following:

  • Why Ohio is a bellwether state when it comes to human connection and interaction.
  • What are the Seller's considerations in the Wholesale process, and how you are screwing it up.
  • 3 Stupid Contract mistakes that expose you as a rookie.
  • How to develop classes of buyers.  More importantly, how to STOP from becoming a commodity.
  • A bullet-proof plan to improve your professionalism.

By the way, if you have any doubt as to what is in store for us, check out Ohio's innovative tech plan called Third Frontier.

It is an aggressive plan where they are spending just over 2 Billion dollars to improve their technology based infrastructure and jobs growth.  It is not good business to have 1 in 1137 homes foreclose in Ohio and have every "johnny come lately" untrained real estate guru fly through town selling a book.

However, note that there was no reference at all to agents wholesaling!  If you are an agent in Ohio, who likes to wholesale!  Then welcome to our site!