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S.A.M. Attack!!!! “Negotiations!”

In this Skills Action and Mindset (SAM) Attack, we discuss how to get the Ready, Willing and Able Seller to meet minds with the Ready, Willing and Able Buyer.   Despite what position you find yourself in this equation, the skill of knowing HOW to negotiate powerfully will help you immensely.

There is NO reason why you shouldn't have some training on how to control the conversations in a way to make a positive result for you.

The greater you are at controlling conversations, the more money you will make!

S.A.M. Attack!!!! Door Knocking and Flyers!

This weeks SAM Attack is devoted to Door Knocking and Flyers!  Trust me, it can be painless and fun and PROFITABLE!

Included in this episode!

Skill- The Scripts and "What" to say.  The "Who" to prospect to, and "What" To buy!

Action- What does your flyer need to say?  Google Voice numbers, and "Bandit Signs for Dummies" on YouTube

Mindset- Energy, Enthusiasm, and what your Attitude, Approach, and Expectations should be!

S.A.M. Attack!!!! “Flipping MLS Property!!”

In this POWER Packed episode, you will find the following.

A Skill (The skill of Continuous Prospecting!)

An Action (Finding READY to SELL Sellers NOW Emailed everyday FREE to your inbox!)

And a Mindset (Adopting the mindset of being a BUYER, and all the rights therein).

This SAM Attack is designed to get you leads THIS WEEK, for FREE!  But make no mistake, just because they are free, doesn't mean that they are worthless!   For tickets to our upcoming Flipping MLS Property Webinar, visit !