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Episode 455- Actual Appointment Setting Call!

Investor Carrot Strikes Again!

Once again, my trusty Inheritance Post has struck gold! In this exclusive podcast, you will hear yet again... (Are you getting tired of this live stuff yet?) How The Red Pill Sales System works in perfect harmony with your life!

Listen in to a typical homeowner who has a normal concern.  They want to make sure they don't make a mistake! 

Chief Takeaway?

Don't buy into their apparent lack of motivation!  In this short podcast, you will be listening first hand as I talk with a live homeowner who you yourself have talked to in your market!  This is the type of person who calls you EVERYDAY...

Do you know someone who could use this kind of information?  Share it with them today! 

Episode 370- Real Estate Investing? Find Motivated Sellers NOW!

What does a Motivated Seller Sound Like? 

How many times have you called a motivated Seller who was simply "Open" about it? 

I believe that you talk to more motivated Sellers than you realize you do.  There are a few keys that if heard, will help you determine enough if someone is motivated enough to sell. 

In this Episode, you will learn three keys to determine if someone is motivated enough for your business.  

Motivated Sellers Respond As Soon As They See Something that Makes the Connection...

As soon as you discover that the motivated seller loves a motivated buyer, the faster you will win!  

In this episode you will discover the following:
  1. One key that will tell you in 10 seconds if someone is motivated or not.  This key alone is worth your time.
  2. Why resists answering your questions.  And how to make it stop.
  3. How someone could be completely motivated, yet hopelessly unqualified.  
  4. ACTUAL RECORDINGS of REAL calls with REAL Sellers.    Hear for yourself the Sellers challenges, and how you can provide value.
There are many ways to discover if you are talking to a motivated Seller.  These three keys are the most direct and powerful to help save you time, decide if you are dealing with a "for real Seller" or not! 

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Episode 350- Live For Sale By Owner Appointment Setting and Prequalification!

In this extra special episode, I contact a local For Sale By Owner (FSBO) who has to sell now! Proving once again that if you prospect, you will get leads!

Listen in as I talk with this Homeowner who is simply trying to sell her home.  Learn how to use the scripts in a meaningful, yet not canned way. 

So, grab a pen, grab your Script Book, and follow along with me as we set an appointment, then prequalify....

Red Pill Investor Style! 

Don't have any scripts??  Oh no!!  Download yours HERE
For obvious reasons... this is the first, last and only live recording I will put in the public.  All the rest will go along with this one in "The Vault!"