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Episode 467- What A Motivated Seller Sounds Like!

Ever Wonder What Motivation Sounds Like?

I've constantly told you to use Investor Carrot and tweak their sites a bit like mine!  In this episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, you will hear another ACTUAL Call with yet ANOTHER potential #Periscope Deal! 

Listen in as this customer responds to my "Souped Up" Investor Carrot Site page "Sell My Home And Buy Another in Tucson!"

Why Doesn't YOUR Guru Do This?

If you are following anyone else on Twitter besides me @karlkrealtor, ask yourself... are they providing REAL Calls, REAL #Periscoped Deals, and REAL World Training

If Not... Why Not?  You deserve more!  Ask them to start doing it too! 

Let's raise the standard of what you can expect for your free educational dollars! 

That way... when you PAY for something, you KNOW it's quality! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Episode 455- Actual Appointment Setting Call!

Investor Carrot Strikes Again!

Once again, my trusty Inheritance Post has struck gold! In this exclusive podcast, you will hear yet again... (Are you getting tired of this live stuff yet?) How The Red Pill Sales System works in perfect harmony with your life!

Listen in to a typical homeowner who has a normal concern.  They want to make sure they don't make a mistake! 

Chief Takeaway?

Don't buy into their apparent lack of motivation!  In this short podcast, you will be listening first hand as I talk with a live homeowner who you yourself have talked to in your market!  This is the type of person who calls you EVERYDAY...

Do you know someone who could use this kind of information?  Share it with them today! 

Episode 452- Actual Wholesale Presentation Over The Phone!

Ever Want To Sit In On A Wholesale Presentation?

Listen in as I share with you an actual call, my response, my dealings with the tenant, and the homeowner!  Listen in as I go over pricing, CAP Rates, and much more to present a great offer to a highly motivated Seller! 

As you can tell, I am using a lot of techniques throughout the presentation... 

You will hear the following techniques..

The "Poison the Waters" Technique
The "Monday Too Soon?" Technique
The " Market analysis" Technique
The "Safeway" Technique

and much more! 

Total time talking to the customer?  42:30.  Total Presentation time? 32 minutes.  I was closing by minute 20!  

Technique Count

16 Techniques
5 closes
1 Presentation
1 Condition

Ultimate Outcome?  Listen in and you tell me! 

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