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Episode 335- The Best And WORST Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Selling Real Estate! TenMinuteSkill

Whew!  Over 18 years, I've heard a few doozies in terms of good and bad advice!  In this episode, I share four of those bits of wisdom to help shorten your learning curve on your sales journey!  In this episode, we cover a few of the following axioms in Real Estate... Maybe you have heard them before. You tell me!  

  • Do you really have to Break A Few Eggs To Make an Omelette?
  • The number one maxim of the Realtor®- Those who list, Last.
  • Why Location, location, location is one of the BIGGEST lies in Selling Real Estate!
  • Is it really a Numbers Game? 
Maybe you have heard some of these, maybe not.  If not, then hopefully, this podcast will allow you to pick up a tip or two that will help you make more money!  
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Episode 334- 10 Quick Tips About Wholesaling EVERY Realtor® Should Know! - TenMinuteSkill

In this exciting TenMinuteSkill, I will share with you 10 of the most interesting things I have learned about Wholesaling, and wholesalers in general.  Why is that important?  You will see that if you can adopt some of these tips, you will learn how to make money with wholesalers, and Wholesaling (Assignment of Contract) on your own!  Here are SOME of the ideas you will learn!

  • The Wholesaler's Greatest Fear
  • The Wholesaler's Greatest Enemy
  • What makes the perfect wholesale deal?
  • Why Credit is irrelevant, and so is Proof of Funds.
  • Who makes the BEST wholesalers?
  • Why a document in 1913 shows Realtors® a BLUEPRINT to SUCCESS in Wholesaling!
  • Why your BROKER will LOVE you for Wholesaling! 

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Episode 333- How Prospecting One Hour a Day Changed My Life!

In this episode, I cover a personal journey from agent to buyer, and how by using The Red Pill Sales System Scripts I was able to develop a winning habit that has allowed me to travel, experience the world, and have the confidence I need to talk to any person in the sales process.  Here is a sample of what you will learn!

  • How loving what you do, but hating who you become is a recipe for disaster!
  • The difference between Active and Passive Prospecting.  (And how if you don't know the difference, you will lose!)
  • Why a "Doctorate In Sales" was the beginning of understanding!
  • Why you needn't fear the Do Not Call list
  • How by adopting this simple mindset, you will rapidly accelerate the time you prospect... naturally!

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