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Episode 339- The Vault! A Brand new service by TenMinuteSkill!

In the short video, watch as I outline our latest service! Our public access membership site! You will also learn in this video about my latest project "the vault" a secret place where I will store all of my webinars, classes, courses and books for my best customers! If you're interested in purchasing access to "The Vault", you may do so by clicking below!

Please choose your payment option! - Founding Member ($500/year, cost will NEVER Go up**) or Patron Member ($600 per year in 2 payments of $300 each**)

** Again, for the first 30 Founding, or Patron Level Members, your Subscription cost will NEVER go more than the agreed price.

Here is a sampling of what is currently in "The Vault"

  1. How to Flip MLS Property
  2. Business Coaching Abridged!
  3. How to Write Killer Contracts!
  4. Crash Course In Sales Skills Remastered
  5. and much much more!  Over 30 videos and over 40 hours of recorded educational material JUST TO START WITH!!

So if you are interested in #PayingItForward, and helping me reach even MORE people with our message, then feel free to JOIN TODAY!!!


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