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Episode 391- Motivated Seller Time Management!

How to Manage Motivated Sellers!

Not all motivated sellers are created the same!  Some have more motivation than others!  In this episode, our Premium Podcast Plus Members will learn how to distinguish between the most motivated of Sellers!

Included in this 20 minute podcast is useful dialogue that you can use today to determine the true motivation of the Seller so that you can answer that tough question...

"Should I Go On This Appointment?"

Will never cross your mind when you use the technique that I show you in this episode.  Moreover, you will be confronted with some very tough questions that you must ask yourself in order to make your goals in 2015.

Don't worry, these hard questions are designed to help keep you razor sharp!

Three Things You Must Do To Get More Qualified Appointments!

Of course, what kind of podcast would it be if I didn't give you an outlined way to get more appointments, and increase your closing ratio!  

Included in this podcast, you will learn what three things you can do to eliminate bad appointments, bad customers, and bad situations!

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Episode 345- The Biggest Time Management Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

Ever feel like The Dutch Boy?  Endlessly plugging the holes in your Time Management System? Or, do you even have a Time Management System?  If not, then there are three big mistakes I see Investors and Realtors® who Invest make.  If you can manage to avoid these three big ones, then you are well on your way to controlling the leaks before they become torrents! 

Here is what you will learn!
  • Why "You either Plan to Succeed, or you Plan to Fail.  Either way, plans are made."
  • How to determine what items deserve priority in your business.
  • A Rock Solid Plan to show you how to control your time!
  • Why you MUST be Ruthless!  But not to who you think! 
  • How to use affiliates such as Title companies, Realtors® and free inspectors to everyone's advantage!
It is true, you must control it.  You can't "manage" a leak.  You must Control it.  In this podcast you will learn elements to show you how! 

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**** Congrats to Chris A. For his first closing!  Correction! He got the advice from us in The Red Pill Investor Facebook Group!  However, I talk to many people so I get them mixed up! Get your call NOW!

Episode 297 The 9 Things You DON’T Want to Hear About In Time Management! TenMinuteSkill

Time Management.  How can two words evoke such a strong emotions and feelings amongst entrepreneurs?  In the one sense, you are responsible for so much as a "solo-preneur" and have so much to get done.  Yet on the other, you have other people's expectations about how you "run your day." 

In this Premium Episode, I take about 20 minutes to talk about the 9 Things that you don't want to hear about in time management.  Here's a smattering!

  • Why you should only plan for about 4-5 hours of work a day.
  • How to separate thinking and execution.  Think better, execute faster!
  • Why Doing is Better than Perfect
  • Why 60-80 hours a week is typical, but abnormal.
  • Why there is no good way to do the wrong things!

And much more!

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Thank you so much for helping me with my Mt. Dew habit!