The Red Pill Investor

Episode 303 The Dummies Guide To Setting Appointments! TenMinuteSkill

June 1, 2014

How do I Set An Appointment effectively?  By simply following the easy steps contained in this Premium Episode of TenMinuteSkill!  In this 20 minute episode, I will cover 7 powerful strategies to set more appointments than you ever thought possible!  I will demonstrate the very ideas, techniques, and strategies that I use to this day.  Here is a small glimpse of what you will learn in this episode.

  • Why no matter where the lead comes from, its important to know how to set an appointment.
  • Basic dialogues to relieve the tension, and pressure that comes from setting an appointment sometimes.
  • 3 Closing techniques that the meekest of salesperson could use.
  • The difference between a For Sale By Owner Appointment and a Expired or other type of "Hard" Appointment
  • My personal favorite, "The Combine Technique"
  • The Power Of ONE.

All of these thoughts in 20 minutes.  Combined with the 40 minutes of education in a Premium Podcast yesterday, that's an HOUR of education for your Mt. Dew money!  Thank you so much for supporting my habit!

Not a member yet?  Can't afford $10 a month yet?  No problem!  I have a special educational class just for you!  FSBO Domination is a Complimentary E-Class designed to give you the skills you need to get some cash quick!

Oh, and here is a cute video from way back that I did about this topic for Realtors® if you were interested in seeing  my goofy face!