The Red Pill Investor

Episode 317- The Five Biggest Expired Listing Blunders! TenMinuteSkill

June 23, 2014

In this timely episode of TenMinuteSkill, we talk about the 5 biggest blunders I've seen new people make when it comes to talking to Expired listings!  If you are a Realtor® who Invests, or a Wholesaler who wants to add free leads to your business then you will want to know about Expired Listings!  In this episode we will cover the following!

  • Why many people just don't know that their home expired.
  • Why assuming that the Seller knows what to do is the most ridiculous thing to believe.
  • How the Seller can still sell their home, get their dream, and you can help them! A mutual win win! 
  • Why instilling hope it the key to this business!