The Red Pill Investor

Episode 352- The Insiders Guide To Pricing Property! TenMinuteSkill

August 13, 2014

Ever have problems pricing property?? Hate it when the Seller says "What price will you give me for this house?"  

In this episode, we will discuss pricing property as a Realtor® or as a Wholesaler.  Why?  Because in the 21st Century, your ARV (After Repaired Value) and MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer) is a death sentence for your business.

Spend ten minutes with me as we cover some serious ideas about pricing to ensure that you don't "leave any money on the table" when you leave!  Here is what you will learn!
  • Who is responsible for the Price.  (Attention Agents, you probably will want to speed past this... it'll hurt your feelings!)
  • Why your "Guru" doesn't use ARV or MAO when making offers.  Why?  Why do YOU think???
  • What specific statistics can you use to help you price your property accurately!
  • Sample dialogues to use with a Seller.
  • Why and when you should turn down price reductions. 
  • A powerful mindset quote given to me by Floyd Wickman... perfect for your business!
I can't guarantee you will be a "G" when it comes to pricing after you are done listening to this episode, but I can say that you will become more gangster when you do!