The Red Pill Investor

Episode 361- Lessons from Superstar Investor/Realtor® Curt Stinson!

September 3, 2014
A private jet on the way to China?  Why not!

In this episode, you will hear an interview that I did with my friend Curt Stinson!  A rockstar producer who consistently sells more than 100 homes per year, and has done so for YEARS.  

It is incredibly hard to find people who are so sharing with their time, as well as their information.  Listen in as I interview Curt for the "secrets to his success!".

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In this repeat interview from YouTube, you will learn the following!

  • The biggest mistake Curt did early in his career, and how he corrected it!
  • How he manages to keep his "head in the game" despite tremendous obstacles.
  • A blueprint on "How YOU can build an AMAZING Business!"
  • Why so many fail in the Real Estate Business
  • What his advice to the New Realtor® and Investor would be
(yes, that is actually him on a private jet, headed to China.... just the way he rolls!)

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