The Red Pill Investor

Episode 398- Content Marketing Investor Carrot Style!

February 15, 2015

Another Investor Carrot Lead

Seems almost like a broken record doesn't it?  Truth is however, during the Investor Carrot Experiment, this little site of mine is running like a champ producing leads like there is no tomorrow!

In this actual recorded conversation, you will have a complete beginnings of a "deal break down" from their first contact, to the setting of the appointment.

In today's podcast, we will dive deep into the reasons why this particularly motivated Seller is willing to sell her property below market value to avoid having to list it with her agent.

Listing Agents and Wholesalers Listen Up!

In this example, you can see very clearly how a licensed Realtor®, who is also an Investor has a winning edge when competing for the "dominant trust" mindspace of your customer.  Listen in as I carefully record the entire dialogue, from the time she calls off the article written by Investor Carrot, to the time I set the appointment. 

No Guesswork Involved!

You will hear in intimate detail exactly what her motivations are, and why she is choosing to sell her otherwise perfectly good home to an investor as opposed to selling it with her Realtor® friend.  

There is nothing I love more to do, than to buy a home from someone, and have the Realtor® call me up and complain that they didn't get the listing! 

Want to see the article that caught her attention?  Click here to read "We Buy Houses In Tucson.. Are They Credible?"