The Red Pill Investor

Episode 425- Pricing Property To Sell!

May 23, 2015

How to Price Property To Sell! 

Are you having problems pricing homes?  If you are a Realtor® or Investor, undoubtedly, you have faced issues over pricing property, as well as persuading a homeowner to take positive action!
In this episode, I will share with you three ideas you need to consider to make sure you price your properties to sell, instead of feeling like you have "Over promised, and under delivered!"
In under 30 minutes, you will learn some solid techniques, as well as tips to build massive rapport as well as respect with the potential Sellers you meet. 

What Doesn't Work... And Why!

Trust me.. I've been in this business as an REO agent, a Listing agent, Realtor®, Broker, Investor and Wholesaler for over 23 years.  I've seen every angle known to man to get a lower price.  This is a quotable for you...
"You must confront them, to gain their respect.  It is the only way to achieve the high level of rapport and respect that you need to get the price you want!"
Listen in as I share with you how to get those high percentages off!  I know what it's like!  I've been there, my personal best is 57% off a listed property.. to achieve this high level of discount, you need to have the skills and knowledge to make the difference.  

In 30 minutes.. you will be equipped with that knowledge to make it happen!
Have a Powerful Sales Day!