The Red Pill Investor

The Red Pill Investor Scripts - The For Sale By Owner

December 10, 2013

BOOM!  Included in this episode, we go over STEP BY STEP instructions on how to use The Red Pill For Sale By Owner Script.  If you want CHEAP, FAST, and NOW business, then For Sale By Owners should get you EXCITED!!!

In this episode, I cover the following:

-Two Internet resources you can use to get For Sale By Owners, Notice of Default, Expired name, addresses, and phone numbers emailed to you DAILY.

- How to set yourself up for success by the proper "Buyer Posture" you take with FSBOS.  I.e. Investor or Realtor Vs. Buyer with a Tactical advantage.

-  How to start integrating the FSBO script into your Real Estate business rather you are a Wholesaler or Realtor!

$10/mo gets you all these training series!  Make the investment today to get better!