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Episode 495- Why We Dont Make The Money We Want

Ever Get Frustrated?

In Sales, it is very common to make big goals for yourself, and then find yourself coming up short.  Many times, we placate ourselves by saying "Well, something is better than nothing!'

While this is common, it doesn't eliminate the very real lack of money in your pocket.  To put it another way, saying something is better than nothing... until nothing is what you get.

Today's episode is all about the reasons why you aren't making the money you say you want.  Taking a hard look at why something isn't working often will lead to the very thing that will solve your problem!

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Episode 494- The Ten Challenges You Face!

The Road To Success...

Isn't paved with gold!  It's paved with hard work! In this episode, I will share with you the 10 challenges you face as you try to make your goals happen in 2016!  

Why Focus On Challenges?

My mentor Mike Ferry used to teach me that in order to plan for a successful year, one needed to account for the problems that growth undoubtedly will bring you! Keeping in that same spirit, I have taken the time to write down ten challenges that I feel you will face this year, and a few questions to ask yourself along the way.

Be sure to bring a pen and paper, and let's begin! 


Episode 493- The Real Estate Test!

No, I'm not talking about taking THE Real Estate Test... This test is far more important! 

In this podcast, I will share with you a ten question test that I recently asked my Executive One on One Coaching members.  The purpose of this test was to help them evaluate their progress as they deepen their understanding of real estate sales systems that are necessary in their business!

Listen in and be sure to bring a pen and paper for notes and take "The Real Estate Test!"