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Episode 342- 6 Hacks To Asking Meaningful Questions!

Episode 342- 6 Hacks To Asking Meaningful Questions!

July 31, 2014
Do you have clients that just refuse to answer questions? How about the ones you feel like you have to get a clam knife to pry their story out of them?  Then read on!

Sales is an art.  While I am no Pablo Picasso, nor Michael Jordan, I consider myself quite the artist when it comes to sales. To put it clearly, sales is the art of controlling the conversations in such a way that it helps the consumer.  Anytime you have problems in the sales process it always seems to be because we did not know what to say, or how to ask questions to determine our customers needs.

In this podcast, you will learn what took me 18 years of hard-won sales experience in the "front lines" of sales.  I can assure you that if you went by these "Hacks" to the system, you will definitely be in a position that is superior to your competitors.  Here is a smidgen of what you will learn!

  • The 3-F Rule of Entrepreneurship. Successful Oil Barons from the past to the Mark Zuckerberg's of today have all used this simple, and effective technique!
  • The 6 different types of questions, and examples of dialogue in which you would use them.
  • Why using a mixture of the questions in any presentation you give is deadly effective.
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Episode 341- Quit Making Real Estate Wrong! TenMinuteSkill

Episode 341- Quit Making Real Estate Wrong! TenMinuteSkill

July 30, 2014

There is nothing more aggravating than when things aren't working!  Sometimes, we even find ourselves blaming Real Estate for it.  Ever catch yourself saying "things just aren't what they used to be..."  If so, then read on!

In this 15 minute episode, I will give you some serious "Mindset Bombs" specifically designed to be "Bunker Busters" for those crappy thoughts deep in your brain!  In this episode, here is what you will learn!

  • How to practice "Detachment" so that you won't get offended by people, and be able to tell the Truth!
  • The three essentials to being unattached to the outcome.
  • Should you quit your job?
  • Why Accountability gives you the CHANCE to live your life by Choice rather than Accident!
  • How to solve ANY problem you have.  A specific, three step plan!  
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Episode 340- Three Brain Dumb Secrets The Top Producers Know That You Don’t!!

Episode 340- Three Brain Dumb Secrets The Top Producers Know That You Don’t!!

July 29, 2014

Ever been in that spot?  You know a lot of things to do, but don't know what to do? In this episode, you will learn the steps required to make that leap into Superstardom! Curiosity doesn't need to kill you, let me tell you what you will learn in this short episode!

  • Who are the two people you need to talk to?  There are only two.  Who they are, and where to find them! (Point 1)
  • Three great ways to get motivated leads from an area that you probably aren't taking advantage of! (Point 2) 
  • 5 Simple, but not Easy things to do to get that business!  A five point plan (All Contained in Point 3!)
In this short 12 minute episode, I will pack in all the information I can in that short period of time.  My intent?  Fill your head with the best info you can get! 

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Episode 339- The Vault!  A Brand new service by TenMinuteSkill!

Episode 339- The Vault! A Brand new service by TenMinuteSkill!

July 23, 2014

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Episode 338- The Ten Advertising Commandments For Realtors® Who Invest!

Episode 338- The Ten Advertising Commandments For Realtors® Who Invest!

July 22, 2014

In this free episode, you will discover the 10 Advertising Commandments for Realtors® who invest! While this topic, may seem unnecessary for some, it is critical to your success! Your success as a businessperson, is dependent upon your ethics. How you structure your business around your advertising, is therefore of utmost importance!

In this 15 minute podcast, you will learn the following!
  • What the immediate problem is when you first begin wholesaling.
  • Why as a Realtor®, you can't toss out just any old bandit sign.
  • Should you disclose your agent status? Or become a secret agent?
  • The 10 Advertising Commandments for Realtors® who invest!
  • Useful applications of this strategy with bandit signs, online applications, and print media.
  • Why part 2 of The Red Pill Sales System is using the "Rules of the Matrix" to your advantage.
  • How to have an unfair advantage over Joe Schmuckatelli!
If you have ever had questions about advertising as a realtor for your wholesaling business but were too afraid to ask your broker, then this podcast is for you!

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Episode 337- The Cure for the Broke Investor! The Red Pill Sales System

Episode 337- The Cure for the Broke Investor! The Red Pill Sales System

July 21, 2014

Feeling the pinch?  Here is an alternative to your current way of doing things!  If you are a Realtor®, or an Investor who is new to the business, and looking for a systematic way to build a predictable, duplicatable, repeatable business then read on! The Red Pill Sales System was designed to handle the two main problems that you Will face in your investment business. In this nearly 20 minute episode, here is what you will learn!

  • What two things stand in the your way of success!
  • How to create a predictable, duplicatable, repeatable business.
  • Why if you want different results, you must do things differently.
  • How you can use "fiduciary responsibilities" to your advantage!
  • Why the National Association of Realtors® wants Realtors® to wholesale
  • Why 87% of all For Sale By Owners change their plans or list!
  • What every Home Seller wants!
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