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Episode 359-  90k in Two Months? Yes You Can! Interview with Superstar Nasar El-Arabi!

Episode 359- 90k in Two Months? Yes You Can! Interview with Superstar Nasar El-Arabi!

August 26, 2014

There are people that you meet in life that you have an "instant connection" with.  Such is that with my friend Nasar El-Arabi.  A real guy with real class! 

Sit down with me as I talk in depth with Nasar about his journey from a Bachelors Degree making $10 per hour, $38k per year, to a successful Entrepreneur, a humble man pulling down $40,000 /mo! 

It's more than money with this genuine man.  He's all about giving back to the community.  With his popular YouTube Channel and his own Website, he has kept up the family legacy of Paying it Forward, and always giving back.  He even had an opportunity to take is Dad to the Superbowl! 

So sit back, grab a pen and a paper, and be prepared to be blown away.  As Nasar reveals his darkest moments, his biggest failures, and greatest triumphs thus far.  

But don't be intimidated, we talk in depth about how you can obtain the "Secret to his success", (A spoiler alert, its FREE!) and why most people fail.   

If you ever wanted to know what it takes to get from a "regular guy with a regular life" to a lifestyle of your choosing, then join me here on this fantastic interview! 

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Episode 358- My Interview and Sample Coaching Call with Stephen Chatto!

Episode 358- My Interview and Sample Coaching Call with Stephen Chatto!

August 23, 2014

There are so few times where we get to sit down and talk with those who are just like us and have a real conversation.  I had a conversation like that with my good friend and Executive One on One Coaching Client  Stephen Chatto .

In this hour long interview and coaching call, Stephen reveals his "real world" darkest moment.  When there were no deals coming in after an initial fast start.  As a full time Wholesaler, he and his partner Jason Ramos of Good Vibes Real Estate Solutions quickly ran into a dead end.  Maybe you have been there.  Learn specific steps on how THEY got out of that tough spot!

Stephen shares with you how to work with your buyers to determine a home's value, so you can make a deal, when everyone else says no.  How he left a good paying Pharmacy job to follow his dream of being a real estate investor.  

We talk about his Lead Generating Meetup group, and how he is able to #PayItForward by sharing, and giving back to the community that he lives in, and more!

During the coaching call, we have specific dialogues to stop a Seller from listing with an agent, and tons of practical tips that you can use today in your business!

No matter if you are a licensed Realtor® or an Investor looking to sharpen your skills in an ever increasingly competitive market, then you will not want to miss this Interview and Coaching call with an awesome Superstar!

Episode 357- Three Steps for Better Goal Setting!

Episode 357- Three Steps for Better Goal Setting!

August 22, 2014

Could it really be that simple? Three steps to have even better goal setting and business planning? Answer?  YES!

In this action packed episode, you will learn 3 steps to help you set, and more importantly attain your goal!  

Here is a brief outline of what you will learn! 
  1. Why as an Real Estate Entrepreneur, you face three problems that hurt you right in the beginning.
  2. The 2 ways you can learn.
  3. Why unrealistic goals will leave you "Shooting Yourself In the Foot."
  4. How to counteract the "Bullies" in the Real Estate Industry.
More than just a post or podcast about how to set yet ANOTHER goal.. this podcast will show you the three steps you need to take to make sure you get started on your goal!  

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Episode 356-The Chains that Bind You From Greatness! -TenMinuteSkill

Episode 356-The Chains that Bind You From Greatness! -TenMinuteSkill

August 20, 2014

Ugh... have you ever wondered what it was?  You know what I am talking about. What is that it, or thing, that separates the great from the mediocre?

In this episode, I will outline what I feel is a direct Law of the Universe that either restricts or allows you to make the money you are wanting.  
Here's a list of what you will learn...
  1. Why burning incense in the temple, and praying that things will get better will guarantee your starvation.
  2. What is REALLY stopping you from getting the customers you really deserve... and want!
  3. Why people who tell you to "Rinse and Repeat" aren't being 100% honest.
  4. How to determine what is really important.  A Customer's Want vs. their needs.
  5. How to create a Standard Operating Procedure to ensure your customers have an AWESOME experience!
  6. How to pick assistants to make your goals happen!
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Episode 355- The Worst Buyers in the World! TenMinuteSkill

Episode 355- The Worst Buyers in the World! TenMinuteSkill

August 18, 2014

Let's be honest.  Not all Buyers are created equal!  Now before you get all crazy on me, I mean in terms of AWESOMENESS!  Some Buyers are awesome, while others are just terrible.  

In this episode, I will be the only one out there who will expose for you the truth that not ALL Buyers are good Buyers.  Here's what you will learn!
  • Why "Check's in the Mail" Charlie spells doom for your deal!
  • How to dramatically reduce the amount of your deals falling through.
  • Agent as well as Wholesaler advice on escrow, inspections, and preliminary title reports.
  • Dialogues for Agents as well as Wholesalers for prequalifying a buyer quickly!
  • Why Selling a home at 70% of value takes ZERO Percent of Talent.
  • A completely different approach to obtaining a buyer that knows, trusts, and believes you!
To get access to the Top 5 HOTTEST Deals in Tucson, AZ. 
Episode 354- How to Create Closing Systems That Work! -TenMinuteSkill

Episode 354- How to Create Closing Systems That Work! -TenMinuteSkill

August 15, 2014

Closing.  What is it?  Is it being "tough"?  Is it being manipulative? What specifically do YOU have to do to become a strong closer?

In this episode, we uncover the secret to becoming a powerful, strong closer.  Get your pen out, as I will describe the following to you in just over ten minutes!

  • What closing is... and more importantly, what it Isn't.
  • Which "no" really counts in sales.
  • Sample Dialogues for the closing process!
  • How much it actually costs you when you quit!
  • How to Systematize everything!
After listening to this episode, you will be stronger than a bear!  Go get your dreams!!

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