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Episode 364 - A Real Estate Business Plan for Investing Realtors®!

Episode 364 - A Real Estate Business Plan for Investing Realtors®!

September 27, 2014

If you are an Investing Realtor® or an Investor, looking for a real estate business plan for success, then may I introduce to you a solution! 

In this podcast, I take a very real situation that was relayed to me recently... What would you do if you wanted to start over?  What would you do if you had only a little money?  How would you gain marketshare and start over?
In this episode, I answer this very real problem.  With a Six Point Plan to help New Realtors® and Investors in their quest for perpetual leads.
In this Six point plan, you will learn how to integrate Social media, Skype, Landvoice, and Investor Carrot and to provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week lead generation platform. 
How I got 10,439 "Contacts", 3 Seller Prospects, 4 Buyer Prospects, 1 Appointment set and attended with 1 contract in negotiations. 

If "Life gets in the way" more often than you like with your prospecting, then try this plan and tell me how it works! 
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Episode 363- How to Sell a FSBO Fast!

Episode 363- How to Sell a FSBO Fast!

September 19, 2014

One of the most popular topics amongst homeowners, as well as Realtors® and Investors alike is the topic of selling By Owner.  Obviously, they all have their reasons, but that does not diminish the need for answers!

In this episode, brought to us by YOUR questions on The Red Pill Investor Investor Facebook Group (Public Version)  we tackle the tough question of "How do you sell a FSBO Fast?" or perhaps more importantly, "How do you sell ANY home fast?"

***IF you are a homeowner looking for even MORE information about how to sell your home easily, then click here to find out how to get an offer for your home and sell within 5 days! ***

Here is what you will learn in this episode!
  1. A "Blueprint of Success" to Sell your FSBO home FAST!
  2. A Ten Step Plan to implement TODAY to sell your home without a Realtor®
  3. A revolutionary way to find targeted buyers for your home.  Of course, it costs NOTHING. 
All you have to do?  Listen in, and if you feel like you learned ANYTHING then Please Share! If you do, then I promise to like you forever!

Episode 362- Over The Phone Wholesale Real Estate Presentation!

Episode 362- Over The Phone Wholesale Real Estate Presentation!

September 18, 2014

Want to sit in on a presentation with me with a LIVE Seller?  One that needs to sell right now?  

Want to be a fly on the wall hearing how I would handle questions from the Seller as well as facing down 3 superior priced offers?

Tired of hearing how things MIGHT sound?  

Listen in to an ACTUAL conversation between me and a REAL Seller talking about their house and how we need to approach the sale.

In this Premium Podcast, you will learn the following!

  • How to explain comparables in an area where there are none!
  • How to minimize competitors offers, making yours the only one worth choosing!
  • How to explain pricing POWERFULLY.
  • How to Educate the Seller as to the risks vs. rewards of taking your offer.
  • How to explain Terms (wraparound, etc) with the Seller.  
  • What to listen for in terms of motivation!

Of course, our Premium podcast members will find a copy of the show notes available on the TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group!

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Episode 361- Lessons from Superstar Investor/Realtor® Curt Stinson!

Episode 361- Lessons from Superstar Investor/Realtor® Curt Stinson!

September 3, 2014
A private jet on the way to China?  Why not!

In this episode, you will hear an interview that I did with my friend Curt Stinson!  A rockstar producer who consistently sells more than 100 homes per year, and has done so for YEARS.  

It is incredibly hard to find people who are so sharing with their time, as well as their information.  Listen in as I interview Curt for the "secrets to his success!".

Stay tuned into for the latest information on our upcoming "Open Mike's"!  

In this repeat interview from YouTube, you will learn the following!

  • The biggest mistake Curt did early in his career, and how he corrected it!
  • How he manages to keep his "head in the game" despite tremendous obstacles.
  • A blueprint on "How YOU can build an AMAZING Business!"
  • Why so many fail in the Real Estate Business
  • What his advice to the New Realtor® and Investor would be
(yes, that is actually him on a private jet, headed to China.... just the way he rolls!)

Liked what you heard and want to know more?  

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Episode 360- The Vanishing Art of Conversation!  Premium Podcast!

Episode 360- The Vanishing Art of Conversation! Premium Podcast!

September 1, 2014

What separates the productive from the ordinary?  If two people send out mail, or place signs; why does one succeed, and the other fail?

While some might suggest celestial or karmic forces at work, I put forth a simpler less obvious solution. 
Mastering the Art of Conversation!

In this premium podcast, you will learn the following!

Three tips for better, more effective Conversations with Sellers and Buyers!  (Including four powerful mindset shifts and two dialogues to expose and help you "Dig Deeper" into the Seller Motivation!)

Why even when faced with a full price offer, the most motivated Seller will sometimes not sign a contract..


  • How to convey your message powerfully to the masses, or to the one.  Ensuring your message doesn't get "lost in translation".
  • Powerful closing dialogues to help the seller see the difference between a sale, and sitting for the next six months! 
  • Rapport building techniques to use during any presentation to any client to ensure you get the best results possible!

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