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Episode 379- How to Handle Holiday Objections!

Episode 379- How to Handle Holiday Objections!

November 24, 2014

Holiday Objections Got You Down?

Ahh, nothing makes you feel better than having fewer motivated Sellers, and then have a TON of objections about the Holidays!  Arrrghh!  

Listen, if you want to make more money than you did this time last year, then I have three specific steps for handling the Holiday Objections you will undoubtedly encounter along the way.  

I share with you a specific plan along with actual dialogues you can use today to help either set appointments, write contracts, or meet someone!  

Hear a quick message about handling objections, along with some powerful dialogues to help you along the way! 

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Episode 378- Interview with Joe Fairless - How to Raise A Million Dollars!!

Episode 378- Interview with Joe Fairless - How to Raise A Million Dollars!!

November 21, 2014

Meet Joe Fairless

Joe's a regular guy... just like you and me.  Except in his case, he has some very BIG ideas!  

Learn firsthand how Joe's mindset helped him raise over a million dollars to close a deal while stuck in a dank hotel room with little computer access.  

It takes courage, fortitude, and calm resolve to face fear head on.  However, Joe will share with you today on this episode of The Red Pill Investor just SOME of the following!
  • How one simple "rule of life" he practices had a direct impact on a huge real estate deal!
  • How "Thinking like a Billionaire" earned him and his partners nearly $600,000 instantaneously.
  • Why you are never "out for the count" as long as you have a network.
  • What three specific steps would he take if he had to begin all over again!
Trust me when I tell you, you won't want to miss this powerful, inspiring podcast! 

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Episode 377- What It Takes To WIN San Francisco!

Episode 377- What It Takes To WIN San Francisco!

November 20, 2014

What It Takes To Win... San Francisco Style...

Premium Podcast members are exposed to what it's like to be with an Executive One on One following instructions from me on a homework assignment.  

Listen in as one of San Francisco's most influential Real Estate Developers sits down with one of my coaching students for a 23 minute interview about his humble beginnings in real estate without any knowledge, and by building relationships, has built one of the largest development companies in San Francisco today.

Bring a pad and a pen for this one, you will definitely pull away more than one idea including some definite "rules of life" to make even more money!  

If you aren't yet a member of the Premium Podcast Plus, then there is no better time!  Learn all the inner secrets that the general public doesn't hear!  
Episode 376- What To Do When You Have an AWESOME Day!

Episode 376- What To Do When You Have an AWESOME Day!

November 20, 2014

Woo Hoo!  

Everything is going great!  You got the closing, you made the appointment, you got the contract signed, whatever!  You had a great win! Now What?

Despite what Disney may say, it doesn't mean "I'm Goin To Disneyworld!!"!  It means it's time to get to work

Action Packed Episode

In this episode of The Red Pill Investor, you will learn the following!
  1. Why the times of your greatest triumphs are often followed by your biggest defeats, and how to stop it!
  2. A Specific Script and ROLE PLAY! with Specific Coaching on what to say to Get MORE deals NOW!
  3. The "Calling Formula" explained in depth.   For Maximum Results for EVERY call!
  4. A very specific 3 Step Formula (Complete with ad copy and images!)
When people are starting to get serious about real estate, they recognize that you "ride that wave of success for all it's worth!"  Here's the plan to do it!  

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Episode 375- What To Do When You Have a TERRIBLE Day!

Episode 375- What To Do When You Have a TERRIBLE Day!

November 17, 2014

What do you do when you have a terrible day?  

There is nothing more devastating than a really bad day.  You know the kind. The kind where you have a blowout on your way to work, a life changing moment that doesn't end well for you, or more.  

What do you do when you have had a really awful day?  In today's podcast, we cover the three steps you need to take to regain focus and keep moving.  

Also, a very specific four-step "Emergency Action" Plan to help you recover, and keep moving forward!

You will not want to miss this amazing episode, and to take advantage of the special offer mentioned on the podcast, simply click here! 
Episode 374- What To Say To A Listed Homeowner Who Wants To Wholesale Their Home!

Episode 374- What To Say To A Listed Homeowner Who Wants To Wholesale Their Home!

November 15, 2014

Listed Homeowner Calls Investor

What do you say?  They have to sell... their agent doesn't know.. it's almost too delicious a secret!

Many times, if you are a newer Wholesaler or Investing Realtor®, you will come across these situations where a homeowner is frustrated and needs to sell.  

Often, they will be listed... and unbeknownst to their agent, they start making calls.  

It's for moment's like this that The Craigslist Report! was created.  

Learn ACTUAL Dialogue with a REAL Seller

In this podcast, listen in as I talk with a motivated Seller who is in exactly this position.  Learn in their own words as to why they are calling me, where they found me, and the very unusual way they actually got my information.

For our Premium Podcast Members, you will find some additional notes about this call as to specific strategies I used behind this call and "why do you say that?" in the TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group on Facebook! 

Investing Realtors® Pay Attention!

When dealing with a listed property.. the Realtor® Code of Ethics has some very specific rules of conduct for you when dealing with homeowners who call you.  I recently wrote a article in TenMinuteSkill specifically for agents who wholesale that may be of assistance to you!

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