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Episode 373- How to Find An Investor Friendly Realtor®!

Episode 373- How to Find An Investor Friendly Realtor®!

November 14, 2014

How to Find an Investor Friendly Realtor®

Seems easy enough doesn't it?  Then why on earth does it seem to be so hard to find a quality "investor friendly" agent in a world full of people you don't know, nor necessarily trust.  

In today's episode, I cover three very important steps that you need to find the best "investor friendly" agent you can out there!.  Why is that important?  Well, first, you can get comparables easier, make MLS offers, and much more.  

Believe me, the benefits of using an "Investor Friendly" Realtor® far outweigh the risks you think you take.  

Get inside information

Using The Red Pill Script Book, you will find a great guide on how to open the conversations with Realtors® to build mutually beneficial relationships!  

Trust me, as a broker, wholesaler, rehabber and REO agent, I've seen every side of this problem.  This information will change the way you look at agents, your relationship to them, and how you can profit!

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If you do, both you and they can get a free copy of Sales Skills for Real Estate Investors!  just for taking the time!  Thanks so much! 

Episode 372- Sales Script Training Actual Seller… How to Prequalify your Customer…

Episode 372- Sales Script Training Actual Seller… How to Prequalify your Customer…

November 11, 2014

Sales Scripts Are Used Every Day.

Bottom line, that's just what happens.  Either we use our own scripts which sometimes work and sometimes won't, or we use pre-planned scripts to help us direct a conversation in a positive direction.

Have you ever been in that position where you didn't know exactly what to say?   Ever been caught off guard?  Well, that's what happened to me! In this Premium Podcast Plus episode, follow along with me as I prequalify the Craigslist lead who is highly motivated to sell for only $500 down.  

Learn how to use The Red Pill Sales System Scripts to get effective control of any conversation, get the information you need, and get one step further in the sales process!

Actual Sales Call

In this uncut, raw look at a real conversation... sit undisturbed as the Seller explains their motivations, their ideas, as well as concerns.  Learn how you too can master the art of conversation and get the same results.


Are You Not Entertained!?! 

Where else are you finding information like this?  To my knowledge no other source, podcast or otherwise is providing ACTUAL RECORDED SALES Calls for your education.  I don't know about you, but when I started out, I would have KILLED to get this kind of information!

If you haven't yet joined Premium Podcast Plus, I would highly recommend it!  Accelerate your learning! Go PROFESSIONAL in 2015!
Episode 371- Probate Profits Using Craigslist! ACTUAL SALES CALL!

Episode 371- Probate Profits Using Craigslist! ACTUAL SALES CALL!

November 6, 2014

Into every life, a little rain must fall.  In this premium podcast episode,  our Premium Podcast and Coaching members hear an actual Seller in their most motivated state.  It does not get more motivated than this.

Hear in her own words why she is making the tough choices she has to make now, as she willingly explains to you, the Premium Podcast Member how to help people like her in your marketplace.

Foreclosure in the Wings...

Listen in its entirety as the Craigslist Campaign works it's magic, effortlessly and painlessly helping identify only the most motivated.  

Only our Premium Podcast members are entrusted with this type of sensitive information.  Only because I know you are professional.
Episode 370- Real Estate Investing? Find Motivated Sellers NOW!

Episode 370- Real Estate Investing? Find Motivated Sellers NOW!

November 4, 2014

What does a Motivated Seller Sound Like? 

How many times have you called a motivated Seller who was simply "Open" about it? 

I believe that you talk to more motivated Sellers than you realize you do.  There are a few keys that if heard, will help you determine enough if someone is motivated enough to sell. 

In this Episode, you will learn three keys to determine if someone is motivated enough for your business.  

Motivated Sellers Respond As Soon As They See Something that Makes the Connection...

As soon as you discover that the motivated seller loves a motivated buyer, the faster you will win!  

In this episode you will discover the following:
  1. One key that will tell you in 10 seconds if someone is motivated or not.  This key alone is worth your time.
  2. Why resists answering your questions.  And how to make it stop.
  3. How someone could be completely motivated, yet hopelessly unqualified.  
  4. ACTUAL RECORDINGS of REAL calls with REAL Sellers.    Hear for yourself the Sellers challenges, and how you can provide value.
There are many ways to discover if you are talking to a motivated Seller.  These three keys are the most direct and powerful to help save you time, decide if you are dealing with a "for real Seller" or not! 

To hear actual recordings in full, or even more access to our learning tools for you to shorten your learning curve, join our Premium Podcast Plus TODAY!  We have new members joining every day
Episode 369- The Non Episode! Some of my FAVORITE Secret Episodes!

Episode 369- The Non Episode! Some of my FAVORITE Secret Episodes!

November 2, 2014

One of the things that many people do not know is the depth of our library. I thought I would take a minute today to share with you some of my more favorite podcasts from The Red Pill Investor Premium Podcast Archives to share with you some of what you have been missing if you haven't joined yet!

Free Lead Generation

One of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to the topic of Lead Generation is the necessity to have it be as cheap as possible! 

Since you and I both know that a majority of prospects are not going to do business with you, you must be able to generate a large amount of prospects for your business quickly.  "The Craigslist Report" was a report that was free to all our Coaching members as well as Premium Podcast members. 

In this 28 page report, I outlined a very specific strategy to gain business, leads, prospects as well as buyers through the effective use of targeted, free ads.

Additionally through this report, Premium podcast members saw the actual responses from the public.


I further expounded later on this report by issuing out a subsequent report called "The Keyword Report". I felt that "The Craigslist Report", while powerful, did not fully cover the complete applications possible by the effective use of keywords.   Hence, "The Keyword Report" was born.  A 15 page report filled with seed lists for keyword ideas, keyword ideas, as well as a case study on an actual Inheritance Property technique.

The idea behind this report, was to counter the rising threat of algorithm changes rendering your SEO on your website useless.  Additionally, it was a call to action to think about the customer's needs in a different way.

A Call To Action

Instead of thinking about your customer as having a static problem, by directly confronting your customers concerns head on in content marketing, you could gain an upper hand in a sales scenario.

Throughout the 15 pages, I emphasized the need for a change to your online marketing efforts in order to be more congruent with the customer demands. 
While you are in the process of making your business run in a more 24/7 fashion, you can generate business every day.  

One of my most favorite episodes about learning how to generate business was in Episode 322- Learning how to use Craigslist and IFTTT to find Free Motivated Sellers!

In this episode, we talked at length about the use of using keywords, tied in with a free service at to text motivated Sellers as they came on the market   The benefit of course for you was so that you could meet them before everyone else!

Of course, I wouldn't leave you without some specific words to say in that situation.  That's why we have Episode 214- The Four Scripts You Need To Dominate Your Market!  I went in extreme depth about the words that you need to say to structure the Sales Conversation in your favor.  Don't trust your gut!   

Now, because you are a Red Pill Trained Investor, You know the difference between a lead and a prospect.  You set appointments easily.  Pre-qualifying comes naturally to you!  Why?  Because you have heard me on phone calls with ACTUAL Prospects and Leads.

You have the confidence to price the properties properly.  Why?  Because you were taught how to determine value for a wholesale deal in real life, not by a formula.

Obviously, there have been times where it seems like there have just been no deals to be had!  We all go through those times.  However, when those times come, you know that by being a Premium Podcast Member or Coaching member, you know you can simply find mistakes and motivation on MLS properties or find motivated Sellers Online

Realtors® who Invest Aren't Left Out.

For Realtors® who Invest, it's a little tougher.  Sometimes, you need to list the property.  But how do you control that conversation? Five minutes ago, you might have been saying some things about the house that you now have to explain!  How to convert a wholesale deal into a listing is covered in our podcast!

While in every one of these Premium Podcasts, you can clearly see that not only are they all worth individually more than the $19 it costs per month to be a member of Premium Podcast Plus, but you can see they are lifetime skills!   Meaning that once you learn it, they simply need refreshing to maintain their edge! 

Too Much Time On My Hands...

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I can do to help you in your business..  with over 368 episodes, and literally dozens of hours of training on every subject imaginable, I am willing to bet that your investment in the Premium Podcast Plus will reap you benefits for years to come!  

If you aren't a member, join today! Listen to these episodes and tell me if YOU don't feel like they will help your business!