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Episode 385- How To Have a 20% Increase In Your Business!

Episode 385- How To Have a 20% Increase In Your Business!

December 22, 2014

Get More Transactions With Less

Have you got some powerful goals for 2015?  Are you concerned that the amount of deals you need to close in 2015 is going to take you further away from your family and life?  

Well, there isn't too much that I haven't heard in this business.  The good news is, you are not alone!  

The trick is being able to get more, out of less!

In this episode, you will learn the following!

In this episode, we cover three very specific ideas that you can use today to increase both your effectiveness and efficiency while closing, and prequalifying your prospects.

If you are an Investing Realtor® or Wholesaling Investor, you won't want to miss out on this episode where I clearly show you a powerful, convincing way to make even more transactions than you originally thought possible!

Introducing a New Product!

12 Step Sales Recovery is a new product that I am sharing with The Red Pill Investor Community.  If you are looking for a way to "break out" of a sales rut; or perhaps are looking for just an "extra edge".  At $10, it is a great value.  It is a challenging email accountability program with me to help you get the inspiration and accountability you need.  Simply go to to check it out!  
Episode 384- 3 Tips To Get Your Goals In Real Estate!

Episode 384- 3 Tips To Get Your Goals In Real Estate!

December 15, 2014

How Do You Achieve Your Goals?

It's not easy.  Undoubtedly, you are thinking about the goals that you are trying to achieve for next year! While in every other field there are manuals, ideas, and tips that are generalized to the point of uselessness, this podcast will shed specific ideas and points about how you can help accelerate your real estate goals! 

Three Tips For You Today! 

In this episode, we will cover three tips and tricks that will help point you in the right direction! Find out specific steps to take to get motivated, eliminate distractions, and get accountability in your life! 

Bonus Complimentary Download!

As I mentioned on the podcast, here is the "UltimateSalesPro Financial Organizer!".  It's something that I believe that you could use to help track your advertisements, your deals, your commissions or fees, and much more!  

This is a system that is designed for Realtors® who are interested in building a Residential Real Estate Business. I'll let you know more as we go along! 
Episode 383- Secret Closing Strategy Number 1 “What If You Knew”

Episode 383- Secret Closing Strategy Number 1 “What If You Knew”

December 13, 2014

What if you knew...

That is one of the best, and most powerful closes I know.  I've never shared it publicly on any forum until the other day when it slipped out during an Executive One on One Coaching Call.  It occurred to me that this close, if you knew it; could potentially help you seal untold deals!

Enough with the Suspense!

Ok, I know many of you aren't Premium Podcast Plus subscribers.. but if you aren't by now, you should be! This is the close that we will cover in today's Premium Podcast!

"Mr. and Mrs. Seller, 
What if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, 
that you could look high and low
near and far
talk to every Realtor®
see every Investor in town...
and STILL Not get a higher netting offer than mine...
would that be worth 15 minutes of your time??"

I believe that if you can master this close, and "The Persuasion Close" that we also talk about, you will be able to handle even the toughest Seller who says "It only takes one buyer!"

See you on the inside! 

Episode 382- The REAL Reason They Say No!

Episode 382- The REAL Reason They Say No!

December 9, 2014

Ever been in that situation?  

You know the one... where they are motivated, have to sell, and STILL say no?  ARRGH!!  There is nothing quite possibly more aggravating than that situation!  The good news is, there IS a solution! 

Three Kinds Of Business

In this episode, you will learn the difference between "Head of Lettuce" business, Skillful Business, and "Nearly Impossible" Business!  Wouldn't it be helpful for you if you could learn how to turn some of those no's into Yes? 

When there is so precious few good leads available, you want to make use of every opportunity you can.  

In this podcast you will learn how to handle three of the biggest reasons why people say "No" to you.  

  1. No Need For Your Wholesaling Services.
  2. Not Enough Money to buy or sell the home.
  3. No Hurry to Sell The Home or Buy.
If you could learn to handle these reasons, would it help your business?

By the way, The Red Pill Sales System Book is now available for purchase!  At $20 it makes a great gift, to yourself and your customers!
Episode 381- 10 Ways to Have a 50 Percent Increase In Your Business!  Premium Episode!

Episode 381- 10 Ways to Have a 50 Percent Increase In Your Business! Premium Episode!

December 7, 2014

How to get that increase?

Isn't that what we all want to do?  Get more, be more and have more in our life?  No matter if it is health, wealth, or friends; about the only thing we don't want more of is stress!  

In this premium podcast, I share with you the "10 Steps To Have a 50% Increase In Your Business!"  It is the audio version of the Open Mike we recently held.  

In this episode you will learn...

10 very specific ways to increase your business 20, 30, even 50% if you apply them.  Don't worry though, they are not expensive, nor difficult to do. They just require a "few tweaks" to what you are already doing.

This lesson was one that I recently shared with our Executive One on One's.  They all said they enjoyed it, so take careful notes, and listen in to this powerful hour long podcast filled with nothing but actionable information! 

Not a Premium Podcast Plus Member YET?  Why Not?  Join Today! 
Episode 380- How to Flip 17 Homes and Gross over 135k Your First Year!

Episode 380- How to Flip 17 Homes and Gross over 135k Your First Year!

December 1, 2014

How To Flip Homes.  

That's one question.  To do it many times and create a duplicatable business at a young age of 24 and create a business is well... hard to believe. 

Yet, that is exactly what happened to Rodrigo Afanador, an Executive One on One Coaching client of mine.  In his first full year of real estate, he has an amazing story of betrayal, honor, the power of keeping your word and relationships.

Learn how Rodrigo faced down an uncertain future "living off credit cards" while dreaming of a better life. Listen in as he explains to you his darkest moments, and how he overcame it.

Don't Get It Twisted..

It's not always been "down and out" for my man!  By no means!  He used available tools that you too can implement today to help turn it all around. Learn how he became Asheville, NC. top "Go-To" man for referral business and the exact steps he used to make his dreams come true. 

Don't worry, it's not by using millions of yellow letters or direct mail.  Just a simple, time tested truism, applied a certain way.  

You will learn first hand what he has accomplished, and how you too can achieve the similar results if you apply the same work ethic, and systems!

Good News!

The Red Pill Investor Sales System  (My Fourth Book that you can purchase here) is now complete and available for sale! It is only $20 and is unlike any book you have ever purchased!  This is what it includes!
  • 17 Chapters explaining a systematic way to approach wholesaling... like Rodrigo used.
  • Each chapter has homework detailing a step by step way to implement what you must do to succeed!
  • Live links to individual podcasts (over 300 podcasts available!) demonstrating exactly what you need to say or do.
  • Live links to individual YouTube videos describing items
  • ACTUAL Conversations with REAL Sellers using the scripts and dialogues you learn! (Premium Podcast members only) 
  • And a "Zero to 25 Transactions!" Action plan that I give you to get Rodrigo's results!  
Listen, I don't know of a single trainer, or "guru" out there who is willing to put it all out on the line for you.  A systematic way for you to create a "stackable" business like Rodrigo did.  Not a single, complete, "Doorbell to Closing Table"  SYSTEM that is proven to work.. Time and Time again.

Rodrigo is but ONE person I could show you... what more proof do you need that you too can live the life of your dreams?!


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