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Episode 393- What To Do When The Seller Rejects Your Offer!

Episode 393- What To Do When The Seller Rejects Your Offer!

January 30, 2015

Seller Rejection

We all have to deal with it.  It's one thing when the Seller tells you no over the phone.  It's quite another when they refuse to even counter your offer! 

In this episode, I will give you four powerful ideas that you can use to reduce the amount of needless "unwinnable" appointments you go on, as well as help increase the closing ratio you experience!  

Ready, Aim, Fire!

When you listen to this podcast, you will be ready to face the toughest Sellers, as well as their meet their objections head on!  Invest 20 minutes of your time in your sales skills, and I'll bet you like the results! 
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Episode 392- What if You Could Convince Yourself? A Price Objection Handler!

Episode 392- What if You Could Convince Yourself? A Price Objection Handler!

January 22, 2015

Getting Price Objections?

Not after you learn this powerful objection handler!  "What if you could convince yourself that NOT ONLY is the price fair, but will get you to Tuscaloosa AL. in the time you wanted? Would you even consider my offer? 

Price won't be a factor anymore!

After you learn how to address this important issue with the Seller in a powerful, non-combative way, then you will be able to close more of the deals you have a chance at!

Stop paying for extra leads, just lose less!

Episode 391- Motivated Seller Time Management!

Episode 391- Motivated Seller Time Management!

January 18, 2015

How to Manage Motivated Sellers!

Not all motivated sellers are created the same!  Some have more motivation than others!  In this episode, our Premium Podcast Plus Members will learn how to distinguish between the most motivated of Sellers!

Included in this 20 minute podcast is useful dialogue that you can use today to determine the true motivation of the Seller so that you can answer that tough question...

"Should I Go On This Appointment?"

Will never cross your mind when you use the technique that I show you in this episode.  Moreover, you will be confronted with some very tough questions that you must ask yourself in order to make your goals in 2015.

Don't worry, these hard questions are designed to help keep you razor sharp!

Three Things You Must Do To Get More Qualified Appointments!

Of course, what kind of podcast would it be if I didn't give you an outlined way to get more appointments, and increase your closing ratio!  

Included in this podcast, you will learn what three things you can do to eliminate bad appointments, bad customers, and bad situations!

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Episode 390- Content Marketing! Interview with Trevor Mauch!

Episode 390- Content Marketing! Interview with Trevor Mauch!

January 16, 2015

Content Marketing

In your real estate sales career, whether you are flipping, rehabbing, or listing homes; one thing you always need is high quality leads.  In today's Internet and Google world, it makes sense to find a powerful way to use these tools to find what you need. 

It's Not About Pay-per-click

If you are advertising via pay per click, you will definitely want to check out the benefits that content marketing can do for you.  While investing in InvestorCarrot may or may not be the thing for you to do, (I think it is) then you definitely will want to listen in on how you can bring more qualified leads to your door!

What You Will Learn

In this episode, you will learn some of the most powerful quotes I've ever heard! In addition to that, you will learn first hand how Trevor overcame initial failures to succeed in creating a million dollar business!  
No matter what your place in the real estate game, you will definitely want to listen in and learn while Trevor explains how Entrepreneurs like yourself have a unique advantage in this Internet age.
You will learn how Trevor overcame disaster, and discovered for himself the true meaning of happiness.  He will share it with you in this power packed podcast!  
Again, If you want to learn how to speed up your business acquisition, and systematize your business, then you won't go wrong by listening to the powerful mindset ideas that he shares to build a million dollar business from nothing but an idea!
Check Investor Carrot out! (You bet I am an affiliate of theirs, I believe in their product and use it myself.... wouldn't recommend it otherwise!) 
Episode 389- Your Job As A Wholesaling Investor!

Episode 389- Your Job As A Wholesaling Investor!

January 14, 2015

What Is Your Job?

When you think about it, (if you do) what is your job?  When someone asks you about what the job of a wholesaler is, how would you describe it?  

In this episode, I uncover what I believe are the three things you must do to be a successful wholesaling investor or Realtor®!  

In this episode you will learn...

  1. What you bring to the sales environment... 
  2. How to look a Seller in the eye and tell them the truth.
  3. The two forms of negotiation!
  4. Where to begin to learn how to find accurate "numbers." 
  5. and much more!

Bonus Material

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Episode 388- Wholesaling As An Agent!

Episode 388- Wholesaling As An Agent!

January 12, 2015

Wholesaling As a Realtor®?

You bet!  You can do that!  Your occupation does not prevent you from buying any investment property, nor how you finance it!  

The great news is, you have the best opportunities and the most exposure, but the worst news is, you may not know it!

If you are considering adding Wholesaling to your "toolbox" but are curious as to the legality, the Code of Ethics, and Agency has to say about it?  Then listen in to this short podcast for the answers!

What you will learn!

What wholesaling is, and isn't!

Net Listings?  Wholesale deals? Assignment of contract?  I quickly eliminate the confusion.

A powerful dialogue to use to clarify agency status!  Remember, when you know what to say, the fear goes away! 

The chief cause of lawsuits... and how to avoid them like the plague!

Disclosures as well as Advertising!  No sense in talking about why to get it under contract if you can't sell it!  I cover a great technique described in The Red Pill Sales System Book.  

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to share this on your social networks... your referrals are what keeps this podcast alive! 

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