The Red Pill Investor
Episode 402- The Shockingly True Story Behind The Red Pill Investor

Episode 402- The Shockingly True Story Behind The Red Pill Investor

March 19, 2015

Behind the Scenes!

New to the podcast?  Ever wonder where the term "The Red Pill Investor" began?  Curious to know what's the story behind "John Ashley?" 
In this 20 minute podcast, you will hear a heartfelt explanation of how "The Red Pill Investor Podcast" came into being, our mission, and our journey! 
As my good friends would say... always bet on black! 
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Episode 401- How to Wholesale Houses Ethically!

Episode 401- How to Wholesale Houses Ethically!

March 16, 2015

How to Wholesale Homes Ethically

Have you ever wondered How to Wholesale Houses? Ever been stopped by the legal and ethical ramifications?  Ever wonder if Realtors® can ethically wholesale right alongside their unlicensed friends?  

In this episode, you will hear an impassioned plea to all Realtors® who Invest, as well as Wholesaling Investors across the U.S. to "step up your game" when it comes to your professionalism.

Wholesaling Houses Full Time

If you are interested in Wholesaling houses full time for yourself as a career, you will not want to miss this power packed, 20 minute episode.  

Inside, you will find a series of ideas for the Realtors® who Invest, as well as the unlicensed... a "Checklist" to ensure you are staying within the "Spirit as well as the letter of the Law."

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