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Episode 405- Setting And Getting Amazing Goals In Real Estate!

Episode 405- Setting And Getting Amazing Goals In Real Estate!

April 8, 2015

Goal Setting in Real Estate!

It can be a balancing act! Between your responsibilities in life, your career, your health, and more, it can feel like a massive juggling act!

While I can't speak too much to your life, or health decisions, I can give you some pointers on how to set some amazing goals for yourself, but more importantly, how to achieve them!

Too Much Mountain Dew?

You might call me crazy, but in this podcast, I will outline some very good ideas that I've accumulated over nearly 19 years of blood, sweat, divorces, and tears! 

You can certainly avoid becoming a "real estate statistic" by taking some hard won advice, that I've learned that will help you get whatever goal you set before yourself!

Here's What You Will Learn! 

In this action packed episode, you will get tremendous insights on the nature of real estate sales.  Here's just a smidgen of what I wrote down!
  1. What You Think About, You Bring About! A careful examination of mindset, and how it factors into your success!
  2. Timeline Your Dreams.  If you think about it, goals are nothing more than dreams with timelines.  Learn 5 things you must master to be successful!
  3. Why we have the smartest desks, and the dumbest actions!
  4. What the REAL Problem is in Real Estate... Spoiler alert! It's NOT lack of leads!
  5. A 3 Step "Secret of Success" that all the Top Producing Agents and Investors know... seldom taught; this formula will guarantee any Real Estate goal (if followed exclusively!) 
  6. A solid, workable plan that you can implement today to help achieve your amazing goal!
I hope you enjoy it, I really enjoyed recording it!  If you know anyone else who would like to hear something like this, would you do me the honor of sharing it on your social network???

Thank you in advance!

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Episode 404- Motivation To Do EPIC Sh…

Episode 404- Motivation To Do EPIC Sh…

April 7, 2015

Motivation for Real Estate Sales!

If you are anything like me, you need some extra motivation every now and then.  Also, if you are like me, you are busy! 

Fortunately, since you and I have so much in common, we also have another thing in common!  This Podcast! 

Episode 404 is purely selfish.... It has nothing from me on it at all.  Instead, this 44 minute podcast is selfishly placed on The Red Pill Investor Podcast so I can listen to this every day in my shower instead of going on my YouTube Channel to see it! 

Motivation do to EPIC Things!  

I wanted to say the "S" word, but you know how that goes.  I listen to this compilation of exciting speeches from people like Les Brown, Eric Thomas (The Hip Hop Preacher), Tony Hawk, and more!  

I listen to something Motivational every day... and in this powerful podcast, I will share with you some of the most inspiring thoughts to cover imagination, belief, and perseverance. 

It's Not Easy!

"If you quit, no day will ever be your day..."  That is what Eric Thomas said in this audio version of the video compilation by Matuesz M. 

If you listen to this type of motivational audio each day, just imagine how POWERFUL you will become!

I hope you enjoy this audio, again, it's pretty selfish of me to put it on the podcast just to hear it in my shower... but I thought maybe you might like it too!  

If you did, please feel free to share it! 
Episode #403- Nothing Outclasses Hustle! Interview with Jared Lichtin!

Episode #403- Nothing Outclasses Hustle! Interview with Jared Lichtin!

April 1, 2015

Realtor® turned Attorney Turned Investor!

There are many paths to a life in real estate.  Chances are, you didn't grow up thinking to yourself "I want to be a real estate investor when I grow up!"  If that is you, then the paths we all take to get here are varied, and our stories are all equally fascinating.

Then I Met Jared...

As many of you know; here on The Red Pill Investor Podcast as well as TenMinuteSkill, I am always trying to find you the most useful, up to date information I can to help you in your sales journey! 

Jared Lichtin is a great guy currently in the "Wholesaler Hotzone" that is the State of Ohio.   If you have been living under a rock, or don't get out much, the State of Ohio has made some significant changes in the way they are approaching wholesaling Investors in their state. 

I recently met him on BiggerPockets, and I discovered that he has a fascinating story!  As a former Realtor®, Attorney for the "Big Oil"; he was a hired gun to help secure their assignments, as well as rights in 3 states.  

He shares with me a all too familiar story about how we have to face ourselves every day; and make a choice...  

Apologize, or Get Busy

He Got Busy!

As a lifelong entrepreneur, he quickly made a choice that has significantly changed his life... in a positive way.

If you have ever faced that tough choice, of what to do... follow your dreams or keep chained forever... you will see how he faced it.

A Unique Podcast! 

In a "never done before" DUAL Podcast, we have a brief Skype conversation about some of the most important topics of the day. Including, but not limited to:
  1. The current legal climate of Ohio Real Estate
  2. How, and more importantly WHY a seemingly brilliant lawyer "threw it all away" much to the chagrin of his parents!
  3. Why building "Beer Bongs" at 15 is actually a symptom of a coming prodigy... and how to nurture it.
  4. Building a Lifestyle vs. a Career (Four Hour Workweek Style)
  5. Why the "Hotel by the Airport" seminars are often the worst possible thing you can do.
  6. How "Imperfect Action beats Perfect Inaction."
There is just so much information and content from both an Attorney perspective (No Legal Advice Given!), as well as a Broker Perspective on what you need to do to be successful NOW!

This is a dual podcast, it is being simultaneously released to both The Red Pill Investor Podcast as well as Jared Lichtin's Podcast called "Flip"!

Follow Jared on Twitter or Instagram @JaredLichtin! 

If you liked this episode, feel free to share it on your social networks!! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

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