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Episode 452- Actual Wholesale Presentation Over The Phone!

Episode 452- Actual Wholesale Presentation Over The Phone!

June 29, 2015

Ever Want To Sit In On A Wholesale Presentation?

Listen in as I share with you an actual call, my response, my dealings with the tenant, and the homeowner!  Listen in as I go over pricing, CAP Rates, and much more to present a great offer to a highly motivated Seller! 
As you can tell, I am using a lot of techniques throughout the presentation... 
You will hear the following techniques..
The "Poison the Waters" Technique
The "Monday Too Soon?" Technique
The " Market analysis" Technique
The "Safeway" Technique
and much more! 
Total time talking to the customer?  42:30.  Total Presentation time? 32 minutes.  I was closing by minute 20!  

Technique Count

16 Techniques
5 closes
1 Presentation
1 Condition
Ultimate Outcome?  Listen in and you tell me! 
Episode 451- How To Win At Everything!

Episode 451- How To Win At Everything!

June 28, 2015

Developing The Mindset Of A Winner!

That's the focus of today's powerful episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast! In 15 short minutes, I will share with you three powerful secrets to gaining the UNFAIR advantage in life!

Are you tired of being kicked around?  Beaten up by life?  Then these three ideas are guaranteed to change your life if you apply them. 

Trust me when I tell you, It seemed silly to me too... at first...

Mindset Of A Champion!

Take these 3 tips, and just TRY not to win!  The mindset of a champion is easy to identify.. it just requires the attitude to achieve!

Here's the link to SnapIDidIt.. my personal fave! 

Episode 450- Actual Presentation…Comps… and Wraparound!

Episode 450- Actual Presentation…Comps… and Wraparound!

June 25, 2015

Actual Motivated Seller Presentation! 

In this Premium Podcast, you will hear an actual presentation with a LIVE Seller (recorded of course) exactly as it went down!
Learn how to handle their pricing questions, how to present comparables, and how to discuss alternative financing such as wraparounds, Land Contracts, and more importantly... HOW to explain it to a LONG distance Seller successfully!

Listen in as I discuss her options on a property that was recently referred to me as a product of Content Marketing.

Pricing, Objection Handling, and MORE!

Get a "Behind the scenes" view of what it's like when you use The Red Pill Sales System effectively to get a great property, at a great price... FREE!!! 

Episode 449- Five Things To Know To Crush Content Marketing!

Episode 449- Five Things To Know To Crush Content Marketing!

June 25, 2015

Content Marketing For Real Estate!

It's not often talked about.  However, in today's podcast, we will dive deeply into the five things I feel you must absolutely know to CRUSH it in Content Marketing for Real Estate Leads!

It's not difficult... anyone can learn!  However, it does require that you know a few basic facts in order to be successful at it! 

The Internet Itself Is Evolving

As it evolves, the Internet Marketing industry itself is changing to meet the demand!  People respond to content marketing because it provides massive value, especially for those who are SICK and TIRED of Intrusive Marketing!

If you are wondering why the tactics that used to work so well, aren't working as well anymore, then join me for a quick 15 minute podcast about how you too can CRUSH it in Content Marketing!

Want to learn more about Content Marketing for Lead Generation? 

You definitely will want to attend "The Prospecting Academy!" It's gonna be covered! 

The Prospecting Academy!

Episode 448- The War Against Wholesalers!

Episode 448- The War Against Wholesalers!

June 23, 2015

Danger On All Sides!

If it's not people taking your leads, or getting squeezed out by competition, or worse, the threat of technology based companies like "" taking even the smallest business from you, its something else! 

In todays' podcast, we will discover how to overcome the three biggest challenges you will face as an Investing Wholesaler or Realtor®.  
  1. Technology that threatens to replace you.
  2. Governmental Interference that makes it harder.
  3. Companies that seek to completely cut you out of the business altogether.
Special New Feature! Executive One on One Tips!  

Listen in to today's episode to hear a special sales tip by one of our Executive One on One's Chris Amaro! 
Hear Chris share with you his valuable "Pro Tip of the Day!"

Need to focus on Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Skills?  
Episode 447- Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get Ahead!

Episode 447- Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get Ahead!

June 22, 2015

Having Trouble Getting Ahead?

Who isn't!  However, in today's action packed podcast, we will be covering 3 very specific reasons why you aren't getting the results you want, and more specifically, how to fix them!

There is no surprises anymore after 19 years of doing this business.  There are very few situations that I've not seen, or experienced myself in the world of residential resale, and wholesale.  The emotional rollercoaster of being a Real Estate Entrepreneur do not go unnoticed!

I've been there!

Practical Tips... for an Impractical World.

As you have come to know and trust by The Red Pill Investor Podcast, I've always tried to shoot it to you straight!   In this short, hard-hitting episode, we will discover together the tips you need to win! 

Join me at the next upcoming Prospecting Academy! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 
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