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Episode 472- Listed for 149k Sold for 65k!

Episode 472- Listed for 149k Sold for 65k!

July 30, 2015

Mad Skills...

That's the ONLY way you can describe today's Interview with Dennis Jenkins!  A man who has got some MAD Skills! 
In today's podcast, you will hear me interview my Executive One on One Client and friend Dennis Jenkins who always has the BEST Real estate stories to tell.  Today's stories are NO exception! 

Ripped From The Headlines! 

Dennis shares with us the real life troubles, and tribulations of a modern day wholesaler, and how he has managed to turn his business into a predictable, duplicatable wholesaling business! 

Trust me, it's not all glory, money, and excitement!  Dennis shares with you the real world cost of what it takes to be successful, as well as a powerful leader in his community.

Expired Strategy!

Being that this is the end of the month, you will NOT want to miss out on this secret Expired Strategy that Dennis uses to find Expired listings in his market!  Trust me, even I was shocked! 
You won't want to miss this powerful interview with Dennis Jenkins, grab a pencil, a piece of paper, and listen in!
Episode 471- What To Do When A Seller Wants More at Closing! Actual Call!

Episode 471- What To Do When A Seller Wants More at Closing! Actual Call!

July 24, 2015

Your Worst Nightmare Revealed!

In this episode, good old Murphy's Law is well at work when the Seller reveals their intent NOT close!  Learn behind the scenes the insider tricks to save your deal, and listen in on an actual call where I am applying these ideas in a real world application!
This Podcast is just too hot to share publicly...  However, if you know anything about me from following me on Twitter at @karlkrealtor, you know that I bring THE REAL DEALS LIVE!

What Would One Technique Earn You?

Trust me... none of the so called "guru's" out there are going to share with you the "real world" nitty gritty conversations like I will.  Why?  I don't know... ask them.   What I do know is that if you listen to THIS podcast, you WILL Learn SOMETHING that will make you money! 
Stop being a coward in front of Sellers.  Make your Cheeze!
Episode 470- Why Your Sales Funnel Crumbled!

Episode 470- Why Your Sales Funnel Crumbled!

July 20, 2015

What To Do When Things Aren't Working!

There is a reason why the traditional forms of marketing you are doing are less effective in a 21st Century world.  More importantly, it is an important fact that sales itself has fundamentally changed in the last ten years.

There is a reason why you are having problem! It's not too hard once you understand that the way BUYER'S have bought property in the last 10 years!

Three Reasons Why Sales Itself Has Changed

There are three reasons why things in sales have changed in the last ten years.  It is now more critical than ever before that you take the steps necessary to prepare yourself!  The good news is, its something you can do... if you try!

Sales Skills in a Consultative way... accelerated!  

Episode 469- The Present Vs. The Future!

Episode 469- The Present Vs. The Future!

July 19, 2015

Business Choices...

Every day, you have to make them.  However, do they lead you closer to success, or further from your "promised land?" 

In today's special Sunday Podcast, I reach back through antiquity to find what some would consider one of the most lopsided deals in history... we examine the customers who made the transaction work, and what colossal mistakes they made.

After dissecting that deal, we will discover some real truths about what we can individually do to make our businesses better, and more efficient! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 
Episode 468- LIVE Seller Negotiations When Competing!

Episode 468- LIVE Seller Negotiations When Competing!

July 18, 2015

What To Do When You Have Competition?

One thing is for certain.. you don't want to lose your nerve! Listen in as I go over comparable sales, as well as negotiate with a Seller when I KNOW there's competition!

Premium Podcast listeners get to enjoy THIS special episode because my competitor... may also be a LISTENER! 

Behind The Scenes

Discover my real life strategy going into the call, and then listen to it as it unfolds live right before your eyes.  There is a specific reason why I am making this offer over the phone, and you will hear why!

It's only gonna get better! Follow me @karlkrealtor on Twitter for live Periscope updates on this deal, and others! 
Episode 467- What A Motivated Seller Sounds Like!

Episode 467- What A Motivated Seller Sounds Like!

July 18, 2015

Ever Wonder What Motivation Sounds Like?

I've constantly told you to use Investor Carrot and tweak their sites a bit like mine!  In this episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, you will hear another ACTUAL Call with yet ANOTHER potential #Periscope Deal! 

Listen in as this customer responds to my "Souped Up" Investor Carrot Site page "Sell My Home And Buy Another in Tucson!"

Why Doesn't YOUR Guru Do This?

If you are following anyone else on Twitter besides me @karlkrealtor, ask yourself... are they providing REAL Calls, REAL #Periscoped Deals, and REAL World Training

If Not... Why Not?  You deserve more!  Ask them to start doing it too! 

Let's raise the standard of what you can expect for your free educational dollars! 

That way... when you PAY for something, you KNOW it's quality! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day!