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3 Mistakes In Real Estate Investing That Make You Look DUMB! Episode 502!

3 Mistakes In Real Estate Investing That Make You Look DUMB! Episode 502!

April 28, 2019

Nobody Wants To Look Stupid! 

They say that people's worst fear is to look stupid. You couldn't tell that by watching the way some people approach real estate investing! In this YouTube version of The Red Pill Investor Podcast Episode 502, I share with you the three things you need to avoid like the plague if you don't want to look like an idiot.

What are those three things you say?

Well... suffice it to say that because Agents, Investors, and the like are equally bad at all three of these, and I have made a living off their mistakes...

I'll leave it to you to see if it's worthy!

Let me know what are some of the dumbest things YOU'VE Seen!

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Episode 501… EFFECTIVE Lead Generation For Realtors!

Episode 501… EFFECTIVE Lead Generation For Realtors!

April 24, 2019

Need More Qualified Appointments?

Let's face it... we all need more appointments with qualified sellers.  In this premium podcast, along with the next 6 episodes, I will share with you the elements of what I covered in Episode 500 (What I Would Coach You On) in even GREATER detail!

In this Premium Podcast!

You can expect to find a solid, concrete, usable plan for you to set an appointment TODAY with a qualified Seller who is willing to pay SOME form of commission... and THAT is the beginning point of our journey!    You will discover the philosophy behind generating leads in a 21st century environment that will show you how to "start with the end in mind."

Don't Worry... There's More!

In subsequent Premium Podcasts, I will go even further into depth on each of the 7 areas I would coach you in so you can have a deeper understanding of how all of these pieces fit together!  This Lead Generation piece is the beginning of how to set the appointment with the right tone, so you can maximize your chances for success! 

Not a Premium Podcast Subscriber yet? 

I'm grateful to those who choose to help support the podcast by subscribing to Premium Content.  In these Premium Episodes, I share with you the techniques I am using in MY marketplace that are tested, tried, and true. 

I charge a nominal fee to keep my competitors away... but low enough to make it accessible to you! 

Thank you again for your subscription! 

Episode 500.. What I Would Coach You On!

Episode 500.. What I Would Coach You On!

April 22, 2019

It Pays To Be A Winner...

I've Learned A Few Shortcuts In 23 Years...

Nowadays, they call them "Hacks.." but no matter what you call them, the reality is; there are certain things that you need to know... and other things that aren't so important when you are trying to invest as a Realtor or build your practice! 

Real Estate School teaches you how to pass the test... your company might even provide some form of real estate training... but good luck to you if you are trying to find out how to build your practice from scratch while including real estate investing portfolio.

I recogniize that I am a unique bird out here.  There aren't too many Real Estate Brokers who invest, list, and sell real estate.  I know there are literally thousands upon thousands of regular Realtors who have no interest in flipping properties, wholesaling, or investing in any way shape or form.  I also know that there are lots of unlicensed people with the same problem.  

What is that problem?  What do you need to know to build a contemporary business that is both profitable, as well as repeatable... without spending a fortune on assistants, or dealing with the stress of virtual assistants and the like... only to end up negative in your bank account.

No Punches Pulled... There's No Time For That

Listen... I want to help you! 

However, you have to decide to focus on what is important! 

Spending money, throwing endless dollars at lead generation will NOT help you CONVERT them!  If you want to make the MONEY.. you have to LOSE less! Not generate MORE!

Spend a few minutes with me here, and see if any of this makes sense!  

If you feel like you need to reach out and ask a question about how we can work together to get your real estate goals... click here! 


Episode 499… Ethical Investing for Realtors!

Episode 499… Ethical Investing for Realtors!

April 19, 2019

In this episode, I share with you the very real necessity of following the Realtor Code of Ethics while wholesaling, or investing in real estate in some way.  

Now I know, right off the bat some of you may not necessarily agree with me on this, but if you are a Realtor, and have a few minutes, then follow along with me and my line of reasoning!  If you will allow me the time, I will show you how you can take these 7 ideas and incorporate them into your business to help insulate you from ethics complaints, calls from your broker, and fines from your State!  

Thank you again for taking the time to listen to this video, and if you would like, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel SellMoreHomesNow for even MORE Agent specific sales skills! 

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