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Bitcoin Trader with FAKE Real Estate / First American LEAKS and MORE! Episode 516

Bitcoin Trader with FAKE Real Estate / First American LEAKS and MORE! Episode 516

May 29, 2019

Bitcoin for Real Estate?

In today's LIVE prospecting session, I will discuss a LocalBitcoins Trader who offered FAKE real estate for bitcoin... First American Title's MASSIVE title insurance information leak, Why home prices are softening across the country, and a sad tale of how young real estate flippers are getting their first taste of disaster in this market!

Trust me, you will want to listen in as I prospect the Expired listings, the For Sale By Owners, and just listed just sold properties looking to set appointments and discuss the latest real estate news!

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Wholesale Real Estate / Blockchain / PropTech Episode 515!

Wholesale Real Estate / Blockchain / PropTech Episode 515!

May 28, 2019


In today's podcast, we cover some of the latest information that has been hitting the real estate news!  Recently, a Blockchain transaction was recorded for the first time in Scottsdale Arizona, and the 3rd blockchain real estate transaction that has occurred in the country!

"PropTech Sandbox"

Here in Arizona, Governor Ducey has established a "Property and Technology Sandbox" environment in Arizona that will allow companies to test new technologies and applications here in Arizona.

Wholesale Lead Generation

Again, in this podcast, I will be making calls in between commentary on the hot topics of the day, and how you can use this to your advantage in YOUR market! 

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Telephone Prospecting LIVE for Realtors Who Invest! Episode 514

Telephone Prospecting LIVE for Realtors Who Invest! Episode 514

May 24, 2019


The US Justice Department sends out an "Investigative Demand" looking for irregularities and commission antitrust actions!  Home Price Growth Slows to its LOWEST Level since 2012, and Katy Texas homeowners find 7 inches of water, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in their Hurricane Harvey ravaged home.  After 17 years of living near a resevoir, they were shocked to discover it overfloods! 

These stories, along with cold calls, expired calls, and FSBO's are all part of this one hour long Prospecting Session!

Consistency is Key!

It is important that you prospect EVERY day.. you NEVER know what will happen or when you will come across the right person, and you must be READY!!

Listen in on this prospecting session and pay particular attention to the FSBO homeowner and how she explains why she is considering listing her property today, and what were the reasons why she chose to stop being a FSBO!!

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See you soon!

Wholesale Real Estate Realtor Lead Generation Episode 513!

Wholesale Real Estate Realtor Lead Generation Episode 513!

May 23, 2019

Daily Consistent Prospecting

Today, we are prospecting Expired Listings, high turnover areas, For Sale By Owners, and more looking for families that need to sell their properties here in Tucson! As a Real Estate Broker and Investor, I like to take time out of my busy day to call people and see if I can help!

Listen in and see if you can pick up any tips or tricks that might help people in your community, and share with us some of the ideas YOU have!

Additional Sales Information For YOU! 

Also, along the way, I will cover the following!

* What are the 9 days of the year that will offer your Seller a Premium of 10% or more on a Sales Price! (Link to article mentioned in the podcast here!)

* The homeownership Rate in the US Dips in Q1.. First time in 2 years

* Florida's rising home prices and sales!

That, and much more!

If you don't have time to watch it on Youtube... no worries! Visit my podcast at for a podcast of todays episode!


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Wholesaling With A License! Episode 512

Wholesaling With A License! Episode 512

May 23, 2019

Can Realtors Wholesale Real Estate?

I've been asked this question many times... and obviously, The Red Pill Investor Podcast was designed for that purpose!  To help answer this important question!

In today's episode, I take a question from a listener from BiggerPockets about this issue.  It seems as though his "alphabet boi" company is giving him some trouble about wholesaling, and his real estate investing.. and he writes in!

Is Water Wet?

You know.. we tend to forget that because we are Realtors, we are somehow unable to exercise our basic Constitutional rights to enter into contracts!  Then, to compound matters.. we don't accurately explain what we are doing to our Brokers!

Follow along with me as I share a few thoughts about this often asked question.. and what YOU can do to help yourself in your real estate wholesaling and retaill career! 

Cold Calling FSBO and Expired Listings! Episode 511

Cold Calling FSBO and Expired Listings! Episode 511

May 22, 2019

1 Expired 2 For Sale By Owner Appointments Set!

In this live prospecting session, I will spend well over an hour prospecting expired listings, for sale by owners, and others around my community looking for properties that I can buy, sell, or list!

It's not easy!  Trust me.. tons of times I get told no.. but every no leads to a yes!  Listen in on how I handle several objections, unmotivated people, agents, and finally set a few appointments!

News Along The Way! 

Its not all boredom and dial tones! By no means!  I make it fun and interesting as we cover different news topics that will help you in your business!

I would recommend you check out our Premium Podcast as well!  If you would like to hear live listing presentations, wholesale presentations with real customers and more.. be sure to check it out! 

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