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Real Listing Presentation! Episode 510

Real Listing Presentation! Episode 510

May 22, 2019

Listing Presentations

If you are a Realtor who invests or Wholesales.. you undoubtedly have come across the situation where you are with a Seller who does not want to accept your investment offer.  If you are like me, and you still take listings... it's helpful to learn what others do.

By the way.. the Seller called me two days later.. and listed with me!! 

Enter this Premium Podcast....

In this podcast.. go with me as I go on a regular listing appointment against competition and other agents.  Learn some of the techniques and tricks that you can use to eliminate your competition!

Over an hour's worth of education.. but priceless ideas that you can use on your NEXT Deal!  

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Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation Live Calling Episode 509

Wholesale Real Estate Lead Generation Live Calling Episode 509

May 21, 2019

Offerpad OpenDoor and Instant Offers

What do all of these have in common with your business?  In todays' podcast, we will prospect to expired listings looking for listing appointments, wholesale deals, and fix and flip opportunities. 

Along the way, we will cover the news that you need to know to help you and your clients and customers do well in a changing economy!  

Listen in as I set a prequalified listing appointment with an Expired Seller.  Learn what questions you need to ask, and why so that you will ensure you won't waste time on useless appointments!

Also, learn why Re/Max chose to separate themselves from Redfin's Instant Offer/Buying tool and what this means for Real Estate.

$600,000 Fine for a 200 Year Old Tree??

Yup.. that's the cost of blatant disregard of an easement on your own property!  If you are a Realtor who invests regularly, or works with clients, you will want to hear this incredible story of how a local family tried to skirt the system.. and got caught!

Dual Agency Troubles on the Horizon?

Also..we will talk about an issue that the National Association of Realtors is beginning to see a different side to.  When it comes to dual agency.. there are rumblings in the distance.  What does this mean to you and I???

We will cover that, and a lot more in today's prospecting podcast!!!


Cold Calling Live Real Estate Prospecting Episode 508!

Cold Calling Live Real Estate Prospecting Episode 508!

May 20, 2019

Real Estate Apocalypse On The Horizon?

In today's podcast.. I share with you a live prospecting session from my YouTube Channel SellMoreHomesNow... In this hour long prospecting session, I call Expired Listings, and around a high turnover area looking for investment properties.  

You get to hear both sides of the conversation, and in between conversations... We discuss some of the news headlines that are hitting the paper today!

Here's What You Will Learn

In this podcast, you will hear a few appointment tips, tricks and closes.. I set an appointment with a reticent expired listing, go over why your market, and many others are slowing down.. and how to use Zillow to your advantage in a presentation!

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Actual Wholesale Presentation with REAL Customer! Episode 507

Actual Wholesale Presentation with REAL Customer! Episode 507

May 10, 2019

Actual Real Estate Wholesale Presentations 

Are you trying to find out what you should say during a Wholesale Real Estate Presentation?  Interested in hearing an ACTUAL Presentation? In this Premium Podcast, you will hear exactly what happened when I got this property $14,000 cheaper than the cheapest home sold recently. 

I won't bother you with the comparables.. but a couple things stand out in this presentation.. 

  1. Negotiation over price to try to make a great deal even better
  2. Negotiation over Pre-Possession requests
  3. How to handle a "simultaneous close request"
  4. How does New Construction affect this?
  5. Will the Seller object to a $10 Earnest Money Deposit?
  6. Will a Seller sign a State Contract?
  7. Which clauses must you enter into your Wholesale Real Estate Contract if you are a Realtor?
  8. How do you present a contract?  Particularly as a Realtor who Invests?

Listen... I understand.. It's not easy to find information that is reliable on the Internet.  You certainly can listen to podcasts and get great information!  However... how do you translate the things you hear on a Podcast... to things that will be useful in the REAL world??? 

I know...  In this podcast... you will be able to listen in on a REAL, ACTUAL presentation with a LIVE customer, that ultimately results in the signature, and a happy customer!

Realtor Who Invests?  

Its not the same.  Realtors who choose to invest as a Wholesaling Realtor have a few extra things they need to do!  No worry though!  You will hear first hand from a REAL Seller who is making that decision NOW, and why they chose me!

You will listen and hear me negotiate with him over certain details in the transaction, such as post-possession requests, simultaneous closing, and a double move.

These are real problems that your customers are facing daily!

Premium Podcast Member Yet?

If not, then you really should consider!  Remember!  Your subscription to The Red Pill Investor Podcast helps support the podcast, as well as enables you to access all previous and FUTURE Premium Podcast for one low monthy price! 

I'm not trying to beg here.  However... it seems like if you picked up ONE technique that helped you close a deal.. then it might be worth it!

Hope you have an amazing day! 


1031 Exchanges and Real Estate Investing! Episode 506

1031 Exchanges and Real Estate Investing! Episode 506

May 9, 2019

What is a 1031 Exchange?

Unless you have been in Real Estate for a while, you may not be familiar with the concept of a 1031 Exchange.  A 1031 Exchange is a critical technique that every serious Real Estate Investor and Realtor must know!

Imagine.. what would you or your clients life could escape taxes on your residential income property?  Sounds hard to believe, but it is true!  Listen in on this podcast as I bring you to a live presentation on 1031 Exchanges by John Calloway from Asset Preservation Inc.

Realtors Get Love Too! 

Perhaps you are in a office where they don't spend much time sharing sales techniques with you.  If you aren't able to attend a quick 1031 Exchange class but want to know how this powerful tax strategy can save you and your clients thousands... then put this podcast in the car and listen in as your colleagues bring up strategies and tactical implementation strategies!

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Want to get a free copy of the downloads that Joe shared?  No problem!  Simply click here for a free download straight from my Dropbox!  No email signup required! 

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Real Estate Lead Generation… Episode 505 The Red Pill Investor

Real Estate Lead Generation… Episode 505 The Red Pill Investor

May 7, 2019

Real Estate Lead Generation..

Real estate lead generation, lead generation and real estate lead generation techniques are the most popular search terms for Real estate investing on Google. Why is this? Why do people search consistently for new lead generation techniques for their real estate investment business or new ideas that will help them distinguish themselves from the competition?

Many times, it is because Realtors and real estate investors have difficulty trying to find a style that is effective, profitable and repeatable. Nowadays.. it seems more difficult than ever to find topics on the subject of lead generation when it comes to real estate.

Why is that? I believe because of several reasons... but primarily because it is easier to sell you a product for some people than to tell you the truth or give you an insight on a way to make you more effective.

Don't Throw Good Money After Bad!

Don't spend another dime on marketing, lead generation services, or lead referral agencies unless you have maxxed out the few fundamental ideas I bring, as well as 5 other ideas!

Included in this raw podcast look of Episode 505 of The Red Pill Investor are 3 ways to generate leads from the Multiple Listing Service! If you are an investing Realtor, you won't want to miss this!


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