The Red Pill Investor

Episode 318- How to Make More Money In Real Estate! TenMinuteSkill

June 24, 2014

Mo' Money! I know that Money isn't the end all in this game.  However, it does provide a good yardstick by which we measure our service to others. In this episode, we cover a few ideas that you need to know and install in your Real Estate Investing business!  In this free episode, you can spend ten minutes to rejuvenate your mindset when it comes to making money as a Realtor® who is thinking about investing as a Wholesaler or as a Wholesaler who is brand new to Real Estate!  Included, you will learn the following!

  • Why you are an Entrepreneur, not a Wholesaler, not a Realtor®
  • Why Donald Trump doesn't look for "Magic Bullets"
  • How To Develop a 90 day plan for yourself for SUCCESS!
  • Snapchat, Social Media, Blogging, Content Marketing, Business Cards, and MORE FREE marketing ideas! 
You won't regret investing 10 minutes into your skills!  If you like this then you may want to consider our complimentary 
FSBO Domination Course!  It is a great resource to help educate you and give you more free tips!

For information about our Crash Course In Sales Skills Remastered Course, Click here!

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