The Red Pill Investor

Episode 319- What To Do If You Make A Mistake When Buying A House!

June 25, 2014

Although it is highly likely that if you are currently in a bad deal, this podcast may be a little too late.  However, if you are an Investor, Realtor® who is an Investor, or just looking to know how to protect yourself when buying a home, then this podcast will help!  Inside this short, ten minute episode you will discover the following!

  • What are the underlying fears that a Personal Buyer, A Investor, and Wholesaler all have?  Spoiler alert, they are not the same!
  • Your Three Lines of Defense; Contract Knowledge, Inspections, and Earnest money
  • How to use the Inspection Clause to your defense
  • A brief discussion of how a "Seller's Market" requires your skill level to rise.
  • A point or two on how to make your offer stronger!
Do not let fear of "Screwing up" kill your chances of having a powerful life! 

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