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Episode 325- Want More Transactions? Use FEWER Leads! TenMinuteSkill

July 2, 2014

ZOINKS!!! What do you mean by that?  Do MORE Transactions with FEWER leads?  Sounds like someone's been eating too many Scooby Snacks from Denver!  Honest to goodness, I am on to something here!  Follow along with me as we discuss how to get your goal, with FEWER Leads, at less cost.  If you are interested, here's what you will learn!

  • How many leads you need to do 25 deals a year.
  • The Customer Lifecycle.  From Idea to Action!
  • The definition of a Lead vs. Prospect.  (Save time by spending time on the RIGHT person!) 
  • What a "Motivated Seller" sounds like!
  • How to ask POWERFUL Questions!
  • Why the Seller Doesn't Answer Your Questions! (Spoiler alert, it's not THEIR Fault!) 
  • What clues to look for to determine their truthfulness! (Problems, Errors in Thought, and Pain) 

After you realize that it isn't the amount of leads that's holding you back, but your skill level at questioning a lead to determine if they are truly motivated, then you realize that all you need to do is to learn how to confront skillfully.  In tomorrows episode, we will cover how to confront the Seller skillfully.

To all those people out there who are newer to me, or to The Red Pill Sales System, then please consider this my introduction! My intent is to help teach you the sales skills you need to know to handle ANY sales situation you may find yourself in!  Join us and our vibrant, ever growing Facebook Community by clicking here!

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