The Red Pill Investor

Episode 374- What To Say To A Listed Homeowner Who Wants To Wholesale Their Home!

November 15, 2014

Listed Homeowner Calls Investor

What do you say?  They have to sell... their agent doesn't know.. it's almost too delicious a secret!

Many times, if you are a newer Wholesaler or Investing Realtor®, you will come across these situations where a homeowner is frustrated and needs to sell.  

Often, they will be listed... and unbeknownst to their agent, they start making calls.  

It's for moment's like this that The Craigslist Report! was created.  

Learn ACTUAL Dialogue with a REAL Seller

In this podcast, listen in as I talk with a motivated Seller who is in exactly this position.  Learn in their own words as to why they are calling me, where they found me, and the very unusual way they actually got my information.

For our Premium Podcast Members, you will find some additional notes about this call as to specific strategies I used behind this call and "why do you say that?" in the TenMinuteSkill Mastermind Group on Facebook! 

Investing Realtors® Pay Attention!

When dealing with a listed property.. the Realtor® Code of Ethics has some very specific rules of conduct for you when dealing with homeowners who call you.  I recently wrote a article in TenMinuteSkill specifically for agents who wholesale that may be of assistance to you!