The Red Pill Investor

Episode 376- What To Do When You Have an AWESOME Day!

November 20, 2014

Woo Hoo!  

Everything is going great!  You got the closing, you made the appointment, you got the contract signed, whatever!  You had a great win! Now What?

Despite what Disney may say, it doesn't mean "I'm Goin To Disneyworld!!"!  It means it's time to get to work

Action Packed Episode

In this episode of The Red Pill Investor, you will learn the following!
  1. Why the times of your greatest triumphs are often followed by your biggest defeats, and how to stop it!
  2. A Specific Script and ROLE PLAY! with Specific Coaching on what to say to Get MORE deals NOW!
  3. The "Calling Formula" explained in depth.   For Maximum Results for EVERY call!
  4. A very specific 3 Step Formula (Complete with ad copy and images!)
When people are starting to get serious about real estate, they recognize that you "ride that wave of success for all it's worth!"  Here's the plan to do it!  

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