The Red Pill Investor

Episode 383- Secret Closing Strategy Number 1 “What If You Knew”

December 13, 2014

What if you knew...

That is one of the best, and most powerful closes I know.  I've never shared it publicly on any forum until the other day when it slipped out during an Executive One on One Coaching Call.  It occurred to me that this close, if you knew it; could potentially help you seal untold deals!

Enough with the Suspense!

Ok, I know many of you aren't Premium Podcast Plus subscribers.. but if you aren't by now, you should be! This is the close that we will cover in today's Premium Podcast!

"Mr. and Mrs. Seller, 
What if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, 
that you could look high and low
near and far
talk to every Realtor®
see every Investor in town...
and STILL Not get a higher netting offer than mine...
would that be worth 15 minutes of your time??"

I believe that if you can master this close, and "The Persuasion Close" that we also talk about, you will be able to handle even the toughest Seller who says "It only takes one buyer!"

See you on the inside! 

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