The Red Pill Investor

Episode 387- How to Make 15k in 15 Minutes!

January 9, 2015

Sounds Too Good To be True?

Yet, it is actually what happened to a good friend of mine Curt Stinson.  As you know, I've interviewed Curt Stinson before; but in this case, the story was too good NOT to share! 

In this 20 minute interview, I will pick apart how Curt has done 106 transactions in 2014, 19 of which were rehab and resales. However, the important part of the interview is not how he has done so impressively in transactions....

But how he made 15k within the first week of 2015.  All within 15 minutes or less.  

Before you say it can't be done, listen in to this story as Curt explains step by step how he did it, and how you can too!

Learn how he has begun this year with 18 closings, and 10 more scheduled next year.  There are just so many different things to learn in this episode, I shudder to think how powerful you will be after this! 

If you aren't motivated enough to go "wrestle a bear!" after this episode, I don't know WHAT will motivate you!

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